was boredom a big problem in your congregation?

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  • badboy



    Yes and it still is a huge problem. I mean come on, Daniel's prophecy again??!?! Who really cares about the stupid king of the north and south. The meetings are just very dry, seriously have you seen how many times they are beating to death the offer of the new "Bible Teach" book? There must've been like 3 or 4 parts all about the same stupid information on this book.

  • badboy

    I have never beeen inside a KH etc

  • Virgochik

    It has to be, cuz tho I haven't attended in twenty years, I can tell from what I read on this board it's the same recycled sewage it was twenty years ago. As a kid, the only actual excitement came when someone's disfellowshipping announcement was read (gasp!) Yeah, that's sick, isn't it? I always knew it was coming, cuz my dad had gone out one evening earlier in the week to a comittee meeting, and an announcement was usually sure to follow. I made sure to wake up to hear who it was about. Sad that a scandal or some poor miserable soul's announcement was the only break in the boreing droning on and on.

  • luna2

    Nobody fell asleep during meetings (that I noticed), but I think a lot of people were miles away in their imaginations....at least I was. LOL

    You can only go over the same material for so long before you just tune it out. Then there's they stuff they are trying to change or explain away...most of it makes no sense (the generation change and blood policy come to mind), so you either drive yourself nuts trying to understand their gobbledegook or you just yawn and think about what you are going to watch on tv when you get home.

  • FairMind

    I suppose so. There are so many meetings I've attended where I couldn't start to tell you what was discussed

  • kid-A

    You know at the end of the day when television stations sign off and the screen goes blank? That pretty much describes the cognitive state of JWs sitting through a meeting, anywhere in the world.....

  • KW13

    Nope, it was all doing well and so was i, i loved the truth and i left even thinkin it could still be the truth, however i know its not now.

  • misspeaches

    oh the same boring old talks and lectures and you must do this and you must do that... When you've heard it all your life let me assure you it is damn right boring. I used to be able to pick what the speaker would say in some of the public talks we had heard them THAT many times...

    yawn yawn yawn....

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Yes it was. It was the same talk topics on a Sunday, same information in the watchtower, the only change being a slightly differrent way of presenting it, school and service meetings were the same. I think many went out of a sense of duty, or for the socialising before and afterwards.

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