Comments that made feel pity at last Sundays WT study

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  • yaddayadda

    I think you hit the nail on the head VM44.

    JW's know that the 'faithful and discreet slave' is meant to be all the anointed JW's around the world, who are supposed to number about 8,500 or so memorial emblem partakers, yet when they read 'faithful and discreet slave' in articles such as this the words 'organisation' or 'Watchtower Society' or 'governing body' pops into their head. None of them ever seem to stop and think about the profound implications of this.

    It's the great MISSING LINK in their theology. Many JW's seem to imagine that the non-heirarchical 'faithful slaves' are continously writing to the GB and that their views are being taken into account, but the sad reality is that this just does not happen at all. The GB only takes into consideration reports from Branch and District Overseers, anointed or not. Anyone of the 'anointed class' that is outside of the official Watchtower Society power structures, which is 99.9% of them, is viewed with extreme suspicion and dubiousness as to the authenticity of their anointing. There is just no bridge, no link, between the Watchtower Society and it's doctrinaires and the thousands of 'faithful and discreet slaves' that are not a part of the inner circles and heirarchies of the WTS.

    And if any 'faithful and discreet slave' does write to the Society and challenge any of their interpretations, what happens to them? Yep, they soon get disfellowshipped and they're down the road forever shunned as an apostate. That has and is happening to many JW's who claim to be of the heavenly calling. The Watchtower Society couldn't care less whether they are genuine anointed ones or not and in fact they would say that the disfellowshipped JW cannot have been anointed because their having disagreed with the WTS's interpretations proves them to have been fakes!! So the whole measure of whether one is genuinely anointed or not is total agreement and compliance to the entire body of current WTS interpretation and policy. So the WTS holds all the cards. Scary

  • FlyingHighNow
    The speaker giving the talk said we should do what the faithful slave tells us no matter how strange it might sound at the time.

    Here son, drink this:

  • greendawn

    We can see the FDS trick working succesfully, the FDS, the leaders of a multibillion corporation, have been appointed by god and must be obeyed. That's how they get the dubs to obey them through such mind conditioning and shameless exploitation of religion.

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