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  • daystar
    Re-read and try again without inserting an unintended and unwelcome bias.

    Woah, woah, woah!

    U/D, you said this: "but for all intent purposes...it's kinda like the Romans... they're gone."

    Sunnygal was simply clarifying for the rest that the Mayans, as a people, are not gone, as you specified (and neither are Romans), which, since that point took up the largest paragraph in your original post (10 sentences of 13), seemed to be the point of it.

    There is no active Mayan religion. No active Mayan culture. No real Mayan cities. No Mayan literature. Not even a real Mayan people left. Yes I know there are decendants of Mayans and vestiges and remnants of that once great people... but for all intent purposes...it's kinda like the Romans... they're gone. But somehow their "end of the world" date is propagated and known.
    What's not real about 6 million Mayans alive today?
  • upside/down

    I shoulda been more clear... "people" as nations today. In other words, not displaced or assimilated or the such. Mexicans today...live in Mexico. Germans today...live in Germany... etc. etc. Regardless of ancestry... I don't claim to be Roman...rather I'm an American citizen with Roman heritage (which I never claim...cept for a discussion like this to make a point). I am who I am... not what my ancestors were.

    But again... that wasn't my point. I digress...

    The Mayans of today...are not a nation. Their proud past is... past. What's left today is a very poor and down trodden (like most Amerindians) existence. I'm not slighting or insulting them...just making a point of real observation. They're best bet is assimilation (which most are doing) and creating a better life for themselves...whichever country they find themselves in. Like almost EVERYONES ancestors have done at one time or another... it's life.

    Like my ancestors... they were much greater than me... oh well. And again... are we missing my point.

    Didn't mean to be harsh... sorry.


  • daystar
    And again... are we missing my point.

    Ok. So your real point was that people seem so interested in the Mayan calendar and make theories regarding the sudden end date of the calendar when the Mayan nation, as such, no longer even exists?

    How does the fact that the Mayan nation no longer exists make interest in the Mayan calendar less engaging? I think that that is part of precisely why it is so engaging. The calendar is such a huge and fascinating feat of human accomplishment, that we sometimes don't understand how such a society could have sunk so beneath the weight of time.

    Have I grasped your point?

  • theinfamousone

    its all about the coccaine baby!!!! that day coccaine will be eradicated, and the colombian economy will plummet taking down the mexican people and drug smuggling business down with it!!!! this is when the mayan ppl will come back to make another pointless calendar and then die off again!!!! the last of the mayan!!!

    the infamous one

  • candidlynuts
    One theory suggests that a Magnetic Field shift will occur around this time, that the calendar was based on pole shifts, which have occurred repetitively throughout the Earths history. The Maya, understanding the time periods between these shifts created their Long count calendar around them and come up with the final date for the next pole shift

    thats interesting.. that with their limited technology so many years ago they could identify this kind of thing.

    dunno if its doomsday..if it is... all i can say is.. BRING IT ON! lol

  • upside/down

    Kinda... my point was that the Mayan date is so well "advertized" with almost no effort...Whilst the Dubs feverishly pretend to be spreading their "message" and it isn't hardly noticed or any weight given to it.

    The Mayans although not around (perse) are better at marketing than the mighty WTS... kinda odd don't you think?

    It shows that the WTS is selling sh*t...and everyone knows it...even they do... yet they persist in their fruitless venture of "preaching the good news" that their "god" is going to kill everyone off 'cept them.

    If the Dubs had any real truth... people would discuss it and in and of itself it would spread like wildfire...it isn't.

    A good idea doesn't need much marketing... I guess that's my point.

    u/d(of the wish the Spaniard hadn't destroyed the Mayan books class)

  • *Heather*

    AHHHHH!!! 12/21 is my birthday!

  • Calliope

    uh, just a bit of a tangent,


    "oye vey"?


    i always thought is was oy vey...

    okay, as you were... Family Guy is ON!!!

  • IP_SEC
    "oye vey"?


    i always thought is was oy vey...

    Ya but something you didnt know is I'm a mayan joo, we got our own dialect ;)

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