Elders making shepherding calls using Keep On The Watch! brochure

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  • truthseeker

    I heard first hand from an elder that they are makin shpeherding calls using certain pages of the Keep On The Watch! brochure, at the direction of the Society.

    I can't remember the page numbers, but the article is about our priorities and having a sense of urgency in the times we live in.

    As this is coming from the Society, do you think they are worried, what with their 1.3% increase for 2005 service year?

    I mean, this is 2006 after all, not 1998 - the Society have given JW's nothing to hope for anymore, no sense of the impending doom of Babylon The Great.

  • sir82

    I have not heard of anything like this, but then our PO is quite a procrastinator, so it may be that we just haven't heard it from him yet.

  • IP_SEC

    I hope they are doing this. This pile of crap propaganda piece they call KotW is one of the things that pushed me out the door.

    They have nothing to offer but fear.

  • Elsewhere

    If anyone can get a copy of any letter from the society, please PM me and I'll host it so everyone can read it.

  • slugga

    I'm not familiar with this, What is it?

  • truthseeker

    I don't know if it was from a letter or a KM School.

    I just looked at the article and it discusses prayer, the last days and our sense of urgency.

  • Sunspot
    I just looked at the article and it discusses prayer, the last days and our sense of urgency.

    I have to wonder just how many JWs will take any of these topics seriously??? The "last days" has been milked dry for so many years of hollering like the boy who cried wolf----any "sense of urgency" went out with the 70's.

    The WTS is hanging on to and offering the sheep a moldy old carrot over their heads, which will be falling clear off the flimsy string it's attached to at any moment. This will leave the "hopeful" JWs staring at an moldy old carrot on the ground right in front of them as they step over it.

    WHO will they "go to" THEN????


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Yeah, can't you just FEEL the "urgency"?

    The Watchtower has been 100% WRONG for more than 120 years. Most recently, they admitted they hadn't any idea of when the end might be, and they scapped their "generation" doctrine. Now the hot mantra is "for just as the days of Noah..."

    Yes, tell me something dreadful *might* happen in 120 years, and watch me spring, tiger-like, into nap mode.

  • FadingAway

    I had a shepherding call about a month ago and this brochure was never brought up. I haven't heard anything about using this brochure, but I haven't been to the meetings for a couple of months. Doubt I'll lose any sleep over it either.

  • stillajwexelder

    Well I have not had a shepherding call - never mind one Using the Keep on the Watch brochure

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