1975 from Time magazine

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  • observador

    Interesting how, even the writer of the article picked up on "this wicked system of things". :)

  • observador

    and by the way, Tyre, thanks for sharing that scan.

  • Highlander

    I'm a first born,, my birthday is in early 1975. I often wonder if my parents had me with the idea of raising me in 'the new system'. They probably thought they could have a child

    and not have to raise me in this 'old system'. One of these days I'm going to ask my parents about the 1975 subject.

  • cabasilas

    Thanks for posting that. Turns out the date of that issue of Time is when I was baptized as a JW. The Dodger Stadium assembly and I was just 15.

    I was thinking about the 6,000 chronology thing. Remember when nothing happened in 75 they told us that it was due to the delay between Adam and Eve's creation since God's rest day supposedly happened after Eve's creation and the chronology was based on Adam's creation. That, of course, means that Adam was alone in the garden for over 30 years!! No wonder he said, "This is, AT LAST, flesh of my flesh..."

    Anyone have any good quotes from WT literature about the delay between Adam and Eve's creation and how that impacts the 6,000 year chronology? I'd like to use that for something I'm writing.


  • willyloman

    The elder studying w me at that time, when I asked about Freddie Franz' pronouncement on the delay in the creation of Eve thing, said:

    "Well, it wouldn't be years, probably more a matter of months."

    Why the hell didn't I run?

  • atypical

    Wow! How can I get a copy of that in print?

    I was born in fall of 75. Yep, armageddon baby all the way. Woe to the pregnant woman, and all that.

    That article would be great ammo for witnesses who say that the society never claimed that 75 was going to be the end.

  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh

    You said it atypical. Wouldn't it be cool to have an actual entire magizine that you could keep on your coffee table. The next time the JDubs stop by to witness you could invite them in, listen to their prepared speech, and then ask them "what do you think of this?"

    The expressions on their face would be priceless.

  • Think

    The question come to my mind:

    What will come first: Armagedon or the colapse of the SoapoperaTower ?

  • theinfamousone

    GO 1975... maybe this is Jehpovah's paradise!!

    the infamous one

  • DannyHaszard

    "Staying Alive Until 1975" My Story of Growing Up JW with Severe Ulcerative Colitis

    Below: Yankee Stadium 1975 prediction by Time magazine. I was there 1969 with my mom, dad, brother, sister and my cousin Ricky.

    Up on Danny's server forever freely distribute and use my bandwidth

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