Need Scan of Watchtower 1971 December 15 p.749

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  • AuldSoul

    The WTS chart is looking down from the top view, but gives only color clues as to order of pyramid depth. Here is the same chart with shadowing added to indicate practical demonstrable authority structure and degrees of authorita-a-y (ala Eric Cartman).

    Notice how the Governing Body rides on top? The elders report to the Governing Body, not to the Faithful and Discreet Slave. The elders have authority OVER the Faithful and Discreet Slave, and Jesus, the head of the Christian Congregation (congregation meaning congregated individuals) has no authority over anything in the organization chart, since those he appointed (supposedly the FDS) have no authority over anything.

    Notice that the Governing Body is moderately influenced by Jehovah God, which explains the similarity between the policies of the organization and the policies of the Israelites, but where Jehovah God disagrees with the Governing Body, the decisions of the Governing Body are held to be inviolable while those who point to Jehovah's standards are disfellowshipped as apostates.

    Therefore, while both the elders and ministerial servants are answerable to the Governing Body AND to Jehovah God, if they want to remain elders and ministerial servants they had better find a way to hold the authority of the Governing Body as superior to the authority of Jehovah God. They usually do this by "waiting on Jehovah" while obeying man as ruler rather than God. That keeps the Governing Body happy with such men.

    God doesn't rule unless God is superior to the organization he supposedly uses. If people are dependent on the organization rather than on God then it is organizational rule, not Theocracy. The chart is lyingly titled.

    The Governing Body rules the organization, not by holy spirit and not by Theocracy, but by an oligarchical 2/3 majority vote.


  • BluesBrother

    According to the chart, Ministerial Servants answer direct to the Governing Body, and by pass the local elders.

    Try telling 'em that down at the 'hall.

  • lilybird

    Its really nauseating lookiing at that chart. It really points out how pomous and self-important the Borg has made itself. To make a claim that God deals only with governing body and elders out of all religions and organizations in the world.. IT makes me REALLY happy I escaped the mind control .*shudder*

  • VM44

    Look at the organizational relationship on the chart between the Governing Body (GB) and the Ministerial Servants. There is a line directly connecting them!

    That is strange! Since when have the MSs received instructions and reported directly to the GB?

    The elders in the congregations give the MSs instructions, even GB instructions for the MSs are distributed through the elders.

    All I can think of is that the chart is trying to show that the GB appoints the MSs to their positions. But other than that, all the Ministerial Servants work under the direction of the elders.

    Also note how the average JW does not even appear in this hierarchy chart. They apparently are not worth indicating in the Watchtower's authority (power) structure.


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