Need Scan of Watchtower 1971 December 15 p.749

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  • ackack

    I'm looking for that wonderful organization chart. Was hoping that someone could supply a decent scan of it. (Its a cool chart anyways, would make some great t-shirts out of it)

    Actually, I'll make some t-shirts out of it if someone sends me a scan of it :)


  • Atlantis
  • jgnat

    Now that's FUNNY. Here's a diagram from Christendom for comparison.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    That chart is also glaringly incorrect.

    Th governing body is indeed a smaller group than the "FDS," but the GB tells the FDS what to do and not the other way around.

    If any WT apologist wishes to challenge that statement, provide an example of when any member of the FDS corrected the GB.

    The GB labels anyone they want "apostate," and they proceed to have their way with them.

    No one defies the GB and "lives" to tell of it. No one offers them reproof and is not "cast outside the city gates." The GB is the antitypical evil Kings of Israel class.

  • ackack

    Thank you very much Atlantis. Indeed Nate, the illustration is .. err.. crazy, but alas, that IS life :) ackack

  • IP_SEC

    Wow Jgnat, that is interesting.

    The witness diagram looks like a corporate chart. Or a chart describing some kind of clergy hierarchy. The wicked ol' christendom chart looks like the way I always imagined Christianity should look like.

  • IP_SEC

    Something else interesting is that the lines flow from GB to Elders and MS, not Elders to MS. The GB wants complete control over all. How lame.

  • stevenyc

    Nathan Nates: I challenge you! If someone from the FDS challenges the GB, then they are out of line with the rest of the FDS and therefore an apostate. They have chosen to give up their place as a member of the 144000, emptying a seat for a younger GB member who wasn't born in the thirties.

    Come on, it's so obvious.


    disclaimer : irony


  • M.J.

    Actually if you look closely the lines lead out of the Governing Body to everyone down the chain. So the GB is essentially depicted as the reps or embodiment of the FDS through which spew forth all the good goo.

  • AuldSoul

    I like your chart, jgnat. All believers at least become part of the Body of Christ and have no one standing between themselves and Christ. If they are called to another ministry, they still have no one standing between themselves and their savior.

    Then they are all equal and some aren't more equal than others. Then they are one.


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