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  • ozziepost

    And the winner is.....

    Black Sheep: Brilliant! Just what I need.

    Leolaia: I'm checking it out. Thanks. I'll get a photo-copy from a bound volume.

    alamb, Always there, ackack, LadyLee: Thanks for helping.

    To you all, thanks a bunch.

  • Atlantis
  • ozziepost

    Thanks, Atlantis, I've got it it.

    What blasphemy it is!

    I'm assembling a package for a man who's having a "bible study" with the dubs and he thinks they're such 'nice' people and everything they say sounds right.

  • misspeaches
    I'm assembling a package for a man who's having a "bible study" with the dubs

    Ozzie I love the sound of this! What's in the package? How did you meet this guy and find out he was studying?

  • ozziepost


    Ministers of various churches are in contact from time to time about people who have been referred to them by anxious friends or relatives.

    You may recall us telling you at the Cannyfest that Mrs Ozzie and I are involved in visiting groups and churches in the Sydney region and beyond - we either do presentations or seminars on how to approach the dubs, etc.

    This particular case was referred to me by Zaqen who, as you know, is very active and very authoritative on the matter of all things dubdom.

    The 'package' is simply materials that would be most helpful to the case that was described to me.

    Over the years I've found randy's site (freeminds) the most invaluable site for this, i.e. approaching the dubs.

    Sorry you can't make it Sunday - perhaps another cannyfest, eh? But we'll have to wait till winter!!!!!!

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • Elsewhere

    If anyone wants to Hot Link this image for another site, you can use this:

  • ozziepost


    Thanks Else.

  • misspeaches

    Ozzie that's great!

    I might go exploring on freeminds and set about making a package myself (oh and elsewheres page too) in case I ever get the opportunity to help people out as well!

    Shame about Sunday indeed.... My car should be back on the road in a week (thank goodness.) And you cheeky thing... maybe we will have a cannyfest in Winter again... Will you be brave enough? brrrrrr

  • stevenyc

    Is it just me, or does the dude in front look like Karl Klein ?


  • TD

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