My Journey Out of Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • Brigid

    Welcome! Keep using that keen intellect. Keep questioning--everything. Do not just swallow your doubts. They profess to be the only God directed religio-corporate organization aplanet--so they must be perfect in everything. They are not.


  • Think


    Bravo ! They have to learn, that LIE don't PAY !

    There is "The Truth in advertising Act", That the Organisation can be sued for wrong and misleading advertising of their "Product".

    JW Cult is advertised in more than 26,000,000 watchtower magazines, books and by word of mouth by their members in 235 lands, as a Holy, moral, clean, guideg by God Organization, what is a PURE LIE, because it is NOT.

    Millions of people can testify to that, that the False advertising is designed to gain new members and for money and material gain.

    Well, The LIE ALWAYS BACKFIRE, as we already know.

    JW Cult from the beginning was set up as business enterprise, and sice WHEN it changed into CHRISTIAN RELIGION ???

    JW Occult from the beginning newer WAS, newer IS and NEWER WILL BE a holy, clean, moral organization. PERIOD !

    There are tons of facts to prove that.

  • Carolina M
    Carolina M

    Please refer back to my first posting: "WHY I LEFT JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES" of 22/01/2006. No, I am not a baptized JW - I was not even allowed to become an unbaptized publisher, because of my view of the "faithful and discreet slave". The only reason I stuck so long with them, was because they claim to be Jehovah's people, spiritual Israel, spiritual Jerusalem. I have an intense desire to preach the good news and I have not come across another religion who are so zealous in their efforts. I thought I had to clear that point of "the faithful and discreet slave" with the elders, because deep down I knew they would not accept me as one of them, if I did not accept that doctrine. Romans 8:16 says that "The Spirit itself bears witness with our spirit that we are God's children", but according to the witnesses "the faithful and discreet slave" are the only annointed ones. In the process of leaving the witnesses, I found it astounding to have lost so many friends who claimed to have the love of Jesus according to John 13:35. It seems the love they professed is only effective when one is a prospective JW.

  • Think

    Carolina M,

    You are right. They will love you ONLY if you peddle magazines, and the borg as a holy, moral, god guided org, what is far away from truth.

    Let me tell you my story. The brother who study the bible with me, constantly was refering to the org. as a holy, moral, the ONLY one having the truth.

    He was married. In the same time he was f***** a younger single sister,

    this affair was going on for a long time. I saw them many times together, in her house, but I was naive to think, that this was due to "theocratic activity ".

    Finally, she get pregnant, so the story broke out. I was heart broken and in shock. She was an example Sister, and I liked her very much. The f****** was the last thinh, that I will expect.

    The last time I meet her on the street, she was very sad, and admited that she was disfelloshiped.

    So much for " holy" organization.

  • DaveNwisconsin

    Glad you are away from those freaks!

  • Carolina M
    Carolina M

    I also discovered that amongst the organisation of Jehovah's witnesses, who claim to be God's chosen nation, they also fornicate, beat their wives, jump the red traffic lights, get divorced for non-Biblical reasons, ...(When no one is watching).They are the people who continually remind a person that "Bad association spoil useful habits". Once I was delivered from what I term as Babylon, I could see that they were actually bad for me, because at the congregation where I attended meetings, I did not come across a happy witness. A person can study the Bible without the watchtower, but according to the witnesses God sends His message through "the faithful and discreet slave". According to other Bible translations the word "discreet" reads "wise": complete different meaning. It is now three months since I stopped associating with them. The first time, during this period, when a witness knocked on my door was when the circuit overseer and his wife visited the congregation. One thing is certain: A person will certainly know them by their conduct. What really gets to me is that they are doing all this in the divine Name of Jehovah and then claim to be imperfect humans.

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