So I Went To Church Yesterday...

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  • Brigid

    I highly recommend this practice! This is one of my favorite hobbies--church/synagogue/religion hopping. I simply love to feel how different people connect to the divine. I try to find common ground with each and every place I visit. I've been to Church of Christ, charismatic christian churches (very straight from the heart stuff), New Age fairs......I've been to Catholic chapels, practiced contemplative prayer with a group of nuns, I've been to conservative synagogues where the services are 4 hours long and IN HEBREW (oy vey!--but I loved it adn learn more ea time I go!)....let's see, kabbalistic retreats....and of course pagan/witches' sabbats/esbats. I have yet to try a buddhist or Hindu temple. I have not been to a mosque but I have been to panels where there was open discussion with Imams (very wise).

    When it comes down to the heart; the mystical side of all religions teach the same thing.

    Go forth. Be free. Connect.



  • KW13

    i am Baptized and confirmed in Church of England now, i used to be a was hard as when i went i didn't know what to expect, really i thought it would be empty and the things jw's said would be true. It was amazing!

  • greendawn

    There is more grace in the churches outside the JWs because they accept Christ as Messiah for all and in addition they don't have any strange cultish ideas such as the FDS doctrine. Certainly they are not satanic as they JWs claim.

  • atypical

    I would love to do this. A new church every weekend. I just don't know how I could do it without being punished.

    I love seeing how other people live. I wish I could find a church buddy!!!!

    Even my inactive or disfellowshipped friends still think it's the truth, so they wouldn't go with me. Well, maybe one of them.......I might ask him in private.

  • lucifer

    I liked this particular church because it was small and the people knew each other so it had a friendly atmosphere, I sat in the front too, well not the front row, but noone else was in front of us, so I could see the alter supporting the cross just perfectly lol

    I even donated a dollar to the collection

  • misspeaches

    Ha! I just submitted my expression of interest in becoming a mystery worshipper!

  • Sheepish

    I was pretty freaked out the first time I went into a church of "Christendom." The funny thing was it was not much different than the KH! And just as boring! So it freed me to go into others.I realized that demons don't just jump into someone because they go to another sect of Christianity. As a matter of fact, if you have a relationship with Jesus and he lives in your heart like Romans describes, you need not fear at all, unless you invite an evil presence in. You can even eat food that has been sacrificed to an idol and not worry about it! Read the scripture for yourself!

    Religion is all well and good (well not ALL well and good) but unless you know the scriptures and have a relationship with the creator, you are just setting yourself up to be reeled in by another sect. Do your homework so you can compare what you see with what Jesus taught.

    My best wishes to you.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Sometime try a high Episcopalian service. They are very beautiful, moving services. Try the later one on Sunday mornings with the music and choir. They will never make you feel pressured either. No screaming. Nice. The choirs often sound like choirs of angels.

  • lisavegas420

    Since leaving the JW's, I've been to several churchs.

    One, I just picked one randomly and showed up. I talked my husband, and both children into going with me. We came in and sat towards the back. I was fine until the minister started saying somthing about the new ones coming forward. He even had the entire congration bow their heads so we could come up unafraid. When everyone bowed thier heads, I whispered to my husband, "we're outta here." We left. The next night the minister of this church came by our house to talk to us. My husband answered the door and told them that he was only there because I wanted to come. He had no interest in joining and really didn't want to even talk about it. They asked if they could talk to me, he told them I was at work. They asked if they could visit me at work. He said, "sure". and gave them the address of my work. They didn't come to my work as far as I know, and never came back to our house. (I was working at a strip club)

    I've been to my husband's dad's church. He was a full time pastor for Little Jewel Church in Ashland KY for over 50years. It is Old Regular Baptist. He got the "calling" when he was 16 and dedicated his life to this church. He was well know and very popular and traveled to other churchs with his sermons. This group of baptist are very strict. Women don't wear makeup, or cut their hair. They can't wear pants or shorts..ever. When memebers start getting what JW's called 'weak' their term is 'back slidding' . They can get 'excluded' instead of 'disfellowshipped' . One of my husband's brother in laws got 'excluded' for wearing shorts while mowing his yard. Well, actually they weren't shorts, they were jeans that he had cut off right below the knee. Also, in this group, you can't be divorced, must wait for your spouse to die, or you are considered double married. For instance, my husband's brother 'back slid' and left the church. He moved away and married. Then he and his wife divorced. He remarried and a few years later he came back to the church. He was warmly welcomed back. But...he now said he wanted to fully come back and be able to preach. But because his first wife was still alive, he would have to divorce his second wife and go back to his first wife, before he could be fully accepted back in any "preaching" postition.

    Last summer, an older black women invited me to her church. I was the only white woman there. It was very lively, lots of music a band. Everyone was clapping and sometimes they would get up and walk around and shake people's hands and hug. Not fancy a church, It was mostly poorer people. But all the men had on bright colors. I'm talking bright orange and lime green suits. And most of the women had on bright dresses and fancy hats some with feathers. They also had a young children section where they called children out for doing good. And everyone clapped.

    Well, there's are several others...but I just noticed how long winded I am this morning.


  • LittleToe

    Glad to see that a few more are exorcising the WTS demons, by the simple attendance of a church service.

    Methinks everyone should try it at least once, to see how extreme the WTS view is.

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