we left out of boredom

by joelbear 17 Replies latest jw friends

  • joelbear

    i think a lot of us left because we got bored.

    we are too smart and creative to be witnesses.

  • luna2

    That's true. They kept repeating the same old stuff over and over. Then, when it seemed like it should be getting to be about the time when certain prophecies they made should start being fulfilled (Yay! something exciting!), they manufactured some "new light" to explain why what they said whould happen didn't. Ho hum. It does get very boring being jerked around year after year after year.

  • joelbear

    the watchtower majors in too things

    repetition and limits

    neither are compatible with growth. smart, creative people thrive on growth.

  • juni

    At one time I enjoyed the book study and fellowship in a home setting. Then they started going over and over the same books umteen times. Got so boring.


  • Brigid

    Wow! You nailed it, JB. Upon further examination, I did simply get bored. I used to read the bible fervently (I still open it from time to time) out of sheer boredom. That's what started to open my eyes.


  • Billygoat


    I can't say I left out of boredom, but you have described me here:

    repetition and limits

    neither are compatible with growth. smart, creative people thrive on growth.

    I get bored very easily. In a job, once I figure out all the responsibilities and have the position running like a well-oiled machine, I check out. Mentally, emotionally, I can't hack things anymore. I need lots of stimulation to keep me going and I think that's why I struggle with my career so much. Until I get my photography up and running enough to pay the bills, I think I'll always be unhappy with any job I have.
  • joelbear

    wow andi, that is spooky, you just described me. i'm trying to do the same thing with pottery. i am so bored with business. i really think that it is a great part of my depression. boredom depresses me.

  • greendawn

    That's very true in my case, I felt there was no creativity, no culture, all people there from top to bottom were uninspired and of limited intellectual but even also emotional horizons. Obviously in totalitarian environments there can be no creativity as is also the case in islam and communism. In the despised, by the JWs, world there is plenty of creative talent.

  • mustang

    Boredom- I don't believe that I ever considered that, consciously at least, but you are right.

    This reminds me of the time someone I had studied with sent me a letter inviting me to the Memorial. They included a copy of the recent "Daniel book" AND a schedule of how it would be discussed at the Book Study.

    Well, I was very curious as to how it compared with the previous "Your Will Be Done" book, which had covered Daniel in ~1957. Of course, that was the book that made the "King of the North and the King of the South" famous. So I got out a copy of the older book and did a "comparative anatomy" of the two. Admittedly, the skimming over the similar first parts was a fast read just to "synchronize" things, but when it got to modern times, I settled in for a slower consideration of the "new light" or fresh material.

    The whole process, including rereading the fresh material and some backwards references took just two nights. Compare that to the 6 months or so that the Book Study drags things out.

    So much for the "forced march" version of doing it their way; as Homer the Simpson says: BOR-INNNG!!!!

    The same can be said of reading many of their books and magazines, which are serious rehashes of previous material.

    You can only read these things so many times before it gets obvious that you are covering the same ground and going in circles.

    If I want to reread something, I plan it for myself, not do what some hive-drone tells me to do.

    This is why some of their material is too hard to read: the puke-factor sets in after a few pages of repetitions.


  • Billygoat
    i am so bored with business. i really think that it is a great part of my depression.

    Joel, I realized that about six months ago. But it's something I can't get rid of. I HAVE to have a job until I get my photography going. And the only jobs I have hirable skills for are sales (blech) and admin stuff (yawn). I'm constantly looking for inspiration and pushing paperwork is not inspiring to me. (Go figure!)

    I've decided that in order for me to consistently feel inspired, are to be around other inspiring and creative souls and/or their work. I'm seriously thinking about getting a membership to the local museum just for starters.

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