What hoops would a DA'd person have to jump through to get reinstated?

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  • unbeliever

    I know a woman in my ex congregation that DA'd herself years ago and has been trying to get reinstated for the last 2+ years. I rememeber it was quite the scandle when she left because she sent out some apostate literature and started going to church. I can't imagine why she would go back to the lie after knowing it's history. Still she sits at the back of the KH after 2 years hoping to get reinstated.

  • carla

    From what I read, you just have to cry alot at your meeting, ask about three times to get reinstated at least a month apart, go to every meeting (even though no one will talk to you) do all the fs, be treated like shit for 3-6 months, ask yet again, and your in like flynn. Walk on egg shells for a few more months and all will be well, except you will always have this 'black mark' against you for the rest of your life. Unless you can marry well, can you?

    that's my understanding of the process.

  • unbeliever

    that sounds like the process for some who has been df'd. I am talking about someone who DA'd themselves. Say they are considered apostates, or the "worse" kind outspoken ones. Do they make them set at the back of the KH for years and years?

  • gumby

    See what you went and did? I posted on the thread you abadoned and carla beat me to it on this thread. Here was what I said,

    First off....you gotta quit doin what you got into trouble for in the first place. Then, you must attend all meetings you can possibly make, then inquire from time to time that you really want back in. Then, they'll decide if 6 months or a year is best for you. Be sure and always look presentable (:eg, clean shaven, well dressed, well groomed.....and don't have a guilty look on your face all the time.


  • carla

    aw, now what do you want to do, go get yourself reinstated? Wouldn't you miss us? You would have to be extra careful using the internet you know.

    I think the process is the same for da-ing as for df-ing. As long as you can say it is God's org and all that. I wonder if you tried a different cong and acted all repentant and said you had a lapse of sanity they would give you a 'chance'. I think a different cong would be more accepting, wouldn't they? or would they be more suspicious?

  • DannyBloem

    The official guideline is that for people would da themselves it takes much longer to get reinstated.

    Even for different reasons to get df-ed for, there is some difference. Questions like: could she do it again? How big are the changes that she is faking it? etc. For DA this is more a problem of course then for df-ed for a act of sexuality mostly.


  • unbeliever

    Fortunately I can't get reinstated because I was never baptized. I left that cult as a teen and I have no intention of ever going back. I was just curious how long the woman I know will have to sit at the back of the kh like a second class citizen. Something tells me they would treat a known apostate differently than someone who was df'd.

  • Honesty
    Something tells me they would treat a known apostate differently than someone who was df'd.


    I'll never know because there's no way my shadow will ever darken the doorway of one of their dens.

  • slugga

    I was taught that Apostasy was the big unforgivable sin, the sin against the spirit. That might have changed since I last went to a meeting but if it still stands your friend might be sitting at the back for a LONG time yet.

  • greendawn

    It's unfortunate that this woman wants to go back into their hands and get degraded by the WTS because they basically never forgive those that turned against their ideology and became "apostate". The fact that two years later she is still not reaccepted shows the extend of their animosity towards the dissenters.

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