WT Branch Office Guidelines

by Lady Lee 12 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • coffee_black

    "The stupid thing is that they don't really contain anything that any JW wouldn't already know or have the JW type of common sense."

    I think it feeds into the male ego...like they're in this exclusive club...and are privy to stuff the rank & file aren't.


  • jgnat

    I guess it goes along with the male fondness for fire and sticks.

  • ozziepost
    You know my husband was an elder for about 8 of our 15 years together. He had this manual in the house. I never knew. But then I wasn't one to go checking to see what he had. Even if he had left it on his desk (in his office) I never would have looked.

    I find this in stark contrast with what I see in the church I attend where nothing is deemed "secret", all is transparent, all may share - if they want to!

    What the heck is the big deal about the stuff that the Society keeps 'secret'? The various manuals should surely be available to ALL the R&F for them to be truly effective, wouldn't you think? Instead, we see pioneers have their manuals, the elders have such a secret manual that they are supposed to hand it back if they cease to be an elder.

    It wouldn't be that the WTS feels there's something in it that might incriminate them, I s'pose?

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