How aliens are seizing control of Earth (Meol'gadik)

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  • bikerchic
    I can remember last year when the Lord revealed to me how Satan fed off the fear and suffering of others for more power. I didn't realize at the time that the aliens in his morbid kingdom did the same thing until I started learning about how they build nets on earth for loosh through humans.

    I can remember it wasn't too long ago that you bid your farewell to the board. The poster better known for his "Aparently I'm a Killer" thread. But then you came back and then you left again sorta reminds me of the Wild Beast of Revelation.

    At any rate pal you can only have one account PM me and let me know which character you wish to be.

    Do you want to be:



    or Franz

    or....... I could make you all dissappear!

    It took me a while to realize what was going on. I kept praying for the truth in all things and for some groups and ministries I always had more questions than answers until the Lord finally started opening my eyes and lifting the veil so I could see through them.

    And that is all you have to do folks. Start asking the Lord to teach you the truth about particular people or ministries. Don't listen to the voice in your head, listen to the small voice in your heart. And protect yourself from becoming used as loosh.

    When the Lord revealed this whole thing about loosh to me and what it is, why they need it, and how they get it, I started to pray this simple prayer to keep the enemy from trying to lure me into a net or affecting me in any way:

    Dear Heavenly Father the Most High,

    Father I ask that you keep me from becoming a victim to net builders and loosh vampires. I ask that if they try to use or abuse me that their attempts fail and fall to the ground null and void.

    Father I ask that you place a wall around me that the enemy can't penetrate. Keep me from error, deception, and evil and lead me into the truth of all things with your Holy Spirit.

    Thank you Father, in Yahushua's (Jesus) Name, Amen.

    Stay consistent and persistent when seeking things from the Most High. I ask for the same things every day and when I learn something new I add it to the list. For example, I ask for wisdom, discernment, the truth in all things, to be kept from evil and for greater measure of His eyes, heart, and ears so I can see things the way He does, hear things the way He does and feel about things the same way He does. I ask Him for those things almost every day. He isn't deaf, but He knows if you keep asking Him then it is something you really desire and He will honor that. It is of no use to keep asking Him for materialistic things, He is not a give-me God and He will and does say no to material things. But He will never say no when you ask for things in alignment with His Kingdom and His Word.

    Beware of the Net Masters. Safeguard Yourselves through the Most High.

  • misanthropic

    :: The aliens disguise themselves as peacemakers and guardians of the earth when all the while they instigate wars, famines, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and general mayhem to cause fear, terror, suffering, and death so they can feed off the energy those things create. Not to mention they stock their UFO refrigerators with human bodies to literal eat them. They get both the emotional energy and the flesh of the human to feed off .

    And I thought I did too many drugs...

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    Dang, called it. It is *good* to see you, IronGland... ;)

  • bikerchic

    LOL Leolaia:

    Dang, called it.

    Na, wasn't just me I had help, very little gets by the owners of the board.

  • Leolaia

    My suspicions were raised when I saw Vormek2.8 using the same avatar that our ol' buddy Franz had been using earlier in the day. But checking all three IPs, yep, all are the same....

    I have to say, this is one of the best running jokes I've seen in a while, but having multiple accounts is a big no no, sorry to say.....

  • bikerchic
    but having multiple accounts is a big no no, sorry to say.....

    Yes it is! I'll give him until morning my time to decide which one he wants to keep unless of course Simon nukes all of them, or if I don't get my morning cuppa java.......

    g'nite Leo.

  • orbison11

    oh dear, some little boy forgot to take his meds:(:(:(

  • kid-A

    Franz?? Where are you brother? Did the mothership finally come and pick you up? Have you decided on an identity yet?

    I think you should remain as Franz, I miss your posts !! JWD is losing some of its zaniness without you around!

    Ground Control to Major Franz !!!!

  • Clam
    realize there are always the armies of the 4th dimension trying to control or manipulate

    Franz you were right.

    Evil aliens = demons

    Good aliens = angels

    4th dimensional aliens = forum assistants

    Get the hell back to the mother ship and leave Meol'gadik now!

    Also, Commander Vas'deferenz says can you bring the particle accelerator back. It must not get in the hands of the GB.

  • Clam

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