Conspiracy Fix: JWs Attract UFOs

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  • rebel8

    I posted a question in a forum about Pine Bush, NY, which is near WT facilities, asking what it's like to live near all those dubs. I was expecting comments about them being annoyed by dubs in FS, but this is the response I got:

    Posted: Thu Feb 09, 2006 9:11 am Post subject: Jehova's Little Helpers

    I grew up in and around Pine Bush. I have been privy to some phenomena there. I have friends who have seen much more. Over the years I have launched a few little investigations of my own. These have brought me as far south as Bergen County, NJ...and as far north as Kingston, NY. As far West as Port Jervis, NY...and as far East as Putnam and Westchester Counties across the Hudson River.
    One thing I have really noticed in the past 3 years is that the headquarters' and facilities of the Jehova's Witnesses are almost a;ways found near UFO hotspots. I have developed a method of tracking UFO activity - it appears that UFO's stick close to certain invisible geomagnetic gridlines (of the Earth's magnetic field). While exploring these lines, I discovered that the JW's seem to have some rather interesting coincidences in their choices of location.

    Since they are predisposed to believing that they will be taken off the earth at the End Times, it really makes me wonder what their agenda is...and just WHO they actually believe is going to take them.

  • Leolaia

    Comment, Franz? Earth calling Franz, earth calling Franz! Your comment is requested.... :)

  • Legolas
    it appears that UFO's stick close to certain invisible geomagnetic gridlines (of the Earth's magnetic field).

    Hmmmmm...I would like to see these lines!

    LOL...The guy could be on to something here!

  • rebel8

    Legolas you silly, don't you know? The lines are shaped like Masonic symbols!! (or an 18-hour bra)

  • silentWatcher

    Awake University used to offer a class in Astrology 101, where they taught us that Jehovah was from the Pleiades star system.
    The course material can be found here.

  • unclebruce

    Hey don't take the piss people - I once abducted an alien myself - saw a bright light in me backyard 'n caught the little bugger red handed mak'n off with me apricots.

    alien bruce

    PiS: I'm not attract'n 'em anymore since I stopped goi'n to meetings and read'n the revelashuns & stuff.

  • rebel8

    OMG silentwatcher!!!!!!!! I have never heard of that. Wild!!

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