Upcoming expedition to the 'Holy' land.

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  • Franz

    Myself and a number of other scholars i've met on the internet have decided to pool our money and expertise and undertake a fact-finding mission to the 'so called' Holy land. As I've stated previously, we strongly feel that phenomena discussed in the BIBLE, especially Ezekiels Wheel were indeed interplanetary craft, driven by LORD's from beyond our star system. Based on descriptions, we believe these may have been nuclear as a primary power source and we expect to find strong evidence in the desert of past nuclear activity. We also hope to perhaps, perhaps find artifacts of the great vessels. Perhaps some non-earth metals long left behind after landing.

    We will rightly be discreet on our mission as religious groups would expect our findings to support their agenda and we being honest cannot alter the fact that we shall show that the various LORD's (JEHOVAH,MOHAMED,JESUS,SOCRATES,CONFUCIUS) were actually alien beings.

    I look forward to informing you all of these exciting discoveries.

  • Clam

    Franz - hope your trip goes well and that you make some worthwhile discoveries.

  • coffee_black

    Don't you have to get permission from the governments in the area you plan to explore? It's a huge area...and the desert shifts constantly... takes some pretty serious equipment...and lots of time. Hope you have both.

    Wishing you well...


  • Franz

    We plan to purchase geiger counters and we will also rent several cessna aircraft. We plan to hang the geiger counters from the landing gear with about 900 feet of rope while speeding across the desert at about 910 feet. This will allow us to traverse large expanses of desert at over 100 mph! We will mark the places we get a hit on the geiger counter. The area of high radiation should be circular.(Ezekiels Wheel)

  • Legolas

    I hope your trip goes well, when do you plan on going?

  • kid-A

    Adios amigo, and please send a postcard!!!

  • rebel8

    Be careful!

  • Forscher

    While your up there, see if you can get access to Mt. Carmel and see if you can find any trinitite. That would certainly be interesting and might very well be evidence which supporst your thesis. That is assuming the mountain currently called by that name is the same one which had that name in antiquity.

  • kid-A

    While your up there, see if you can get access to Mt. Carmel and see if you can find any trinitite.

    Franz, you will find it buried right beside the fossilized dinosaur shit....

  • Honesty

    Have a great trip.

    What are you going to name your expedition?

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