Help. I need advice with my 12 year old daughter.

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  • loathjw

    She's adorable, but my guess would be that she wants to stay in the same classes as her friends. I don't have any advice on overcoming that.

  • Frog

    your daughters really fortunate to have so many taking an interest in her, no doubt she's more than deserving of all the praise :) My folks really bummed out in that department, they didn't really encourage us to get involved in anything beyond the basics :(

    I agree it's all about taking the stigma out of it. Tell her that it's her confidence and contentment that other kids see, and if she has those they'll leave her alone no matter what's she involved in. Would be great if you could speak to the co-ordinator & ask to be put in contact with other parents & children in the program, perhaps a couple of girls a few years older than her might be good.

    All the best to you & your lovely little family :) frog x

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Nico, listen to your daughter. I know you're proud of her, but she's obviously heard something about the program that is unsettling or repugnant to her. Ask her what she's heard about the program and listen to her answers.

    My youngest son was invited into the "GATE" program when he was 12 yrs old, too. It turned out to be a nightmare for him. He had disgraphia, an unrecognized learning disorder, which prevented him from being able to write much of anything down on paper. The "GATE" program is designed with TONS of paperwork for the students to produce. It will certainly cut a large slice out of your daughter's free time, to say the least.

    Frannie (of the JMHO class)

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