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  • Clam

    After seeing KW13's post about rap in the KH I began looking through a list of famous JDubs http://www.adherents.com/largecom/fam_jw.html , I hadn't realised that the rap artist Jah Rule had been a JDub. I wondered if the GB would let such a "brother" put together a rap promo for the Society, something along the lines of. . .

    He’s one bad brother he’s the big creator

    He’s fulla love but he’s The Terminator,

    Forget the A bomb and how you gonna ban it

    Cooz he’s gonna waste every brother on da planet

    He’ll move some crack on tha anointed class

    Then they’ll put a cap in yo Satan’s ass.

    So you pay attention at da kingdom hall

    Or a big bad elder’s gonna blow his cool.

    And all you brothers that are really God fearin

    Leave yo bitch an’ go pioneering.

    Big word up and tell em he’s comin’

    For the big main event called Armaggedin




  • lucifer


  • KW13

    hehe, a good post! (Nice rap, i see i now have competition!)

  • Leolaia

    He's given several interviews in which he talked quite openly about his JW upbringing. He gives a very good anti-witness. Here's one example:

    Farrakhan: Tell me about your mom. Tell me about your young life.

    Ja Rule: Well, I had a kind of hard childhood. It's crazy because not a lot of people are going to understand it. I grew up a Jehovah's Witness.

    Farrakhan: Ah, that's wonderful.

    Ja Rule: So, yeah, we gonna get into it, how I didn't have Christmas, I didn't have birthdays — none of the type of thing kids enjoy. I missed all of that. My father wasn't around. He was a womanizer and hit my mom. Mom, I am putting this out there. That's why I vow to never hit a woman. I see the pain it brought my mom.


    I always felt like a loner because I was by myself a lot. My grandma and grandpa, Ed and Mama Cherry, helped out tremendously. They did a lot for me as a youngster. But here's where things got twisted: Being a Jehovah's Witness, it's a very strict religion and they have something called "disfellowshipping" or "disassociating" if you do something outside their beliefs. And they have a lot of beliefs that are hard on kids, hard on human beings. You can't hang with worldly people, people outside Jehovah's, and so my mom got disassociated from it because she liked to go out with her co-workers and have a drink or two. They found this out and disfellowshipped my mom. This devastated her because the whole congregation wouldn't talk to her. That's how they do it. It's like they banish you. They won't talk to you, not even your family. So my grandmother and grandfather, her parents and her brother, stopped speaking to my mother. This really made me hate the religion. How can a religion tear apart family? I didn't get involved. Now I'm successful and she's still disfellowshipped, but everyone comes around. You know, if it took my success to put my family back together, so be it. I'm not one to be, like, stay away. I love to see my family together. Family's what life is about. So I'm happy that now my mother's brother gives her a call every now and then. Everybody is so friendly, and I'm not gonna say it's all because I am successful, but that has something to do with it.


    He'd fit right in here.

  • KW13

    A sad story but look who and where he is now! NO excuse to lock yourself in a cupboard, just cos you left the JW's and keep it affecting your life, yeah be bothered about it, help folks but make yourself something out of the nothing you have been.

  • M.J.
  • KW13

    Thanks MJ!

  • Think

    He may get together with Prince and Michael Jackson, go to door to door and SING .

  • M.J.

    Naw, he's a lot smarter than those two fools!

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