Have you ever lived in an RV fulltime?

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Well my husband - the one I just left - wanted to buy one and travel back and forth across Canada in one. The more that I thought about it the less I liked the idea of being cooped up with him for months on end in a confined space. So I moved a good 22 hour drive away. I like this just fine.

    But if anyone wins the lottery and wants to buy one for me I'll come visit you - well if you are somewhere in North America that is.

  • jeeprube

    You can count me as an RV wannabe. That's my dream retirement, a nice phat RV bus w/ my Jeep Rubicon in tow. I'd hit every famous trout river the Rocky Mtns. had to offer, and winter out on the beaches of Florida.

  • 95stormfront

    That's my dream retirement also. I've even bought a couple of books on the subject. There is a guy who does this who updates his website almost daily.




  • gumby
    Due to my superior Awake! magazine education and my apocalyptical outlook I had the privilege of living in a 8 x 40 mobile home two years. It was on blocks the whole time.

    LMAO @ Gary!

    My wife and I had a home built just recently and are have been settled in for some time now. But......before the building started, we decided we'd live in our 5th wheel with NO POPOUTS while the home was being built. You had room to either sit on the harder than hell couch...( about a 2x4 area)...or sit in this one chair. You eithr sat there, layed on the bed, or stood in the kitchen as that was the only place you could pick. We did this for 1 year........and it really wasn't that awful. We had the river behind us that made it worth it and no white trash beer guzzlin, cussin, wife beaters around either like some trailor parks have.


  • james_woods

    I missed this thread when it first came around---but it made me remember being a pioneer in Clinton, Okla. in the late 60 early 70 times. I had one of those aluminum Streamline (like an Airstream) 27' trailers and we parked it at the back of the hall. The Special Pioneer Cong Overseer and his wife also had a masonite trailer and lived next door. It had some good points (cleaner than most apartments, etc) but it sure took the fun out of things when your water pipes froze in the middle of the night. I just sold the thing when I got done pioneering, but my parents were so enamored of it that they owned one or a motorhome from then on until they couldn't drive anymore.

  • moshe

    James, I wonder if they make a trailer hitch for your Aston Martin DB9? - My wife told me she is OK with us getting another RV camper- if I can find a decent one before our summer excursion out west- in 2006 and 2007 we had a 5th wheel and made two trips out west.

  • Tater-T

    I live in a van down by the river.. does that count?


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