Have you ever lived in an RV fulltime?

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  • moshe

    I spent about one year in 1982 living in a 32 ft travel trailer. Our home had burned down on Jan 10th,1982 at night- -30 deg F. My wife, 2 yr old son, 4 yr old daughter and I traveled to many states that year. Many people dream of living the life of a free gypsy- no ties to any one place- North in the summer-south in the winter, living in a travel trailer or motorhome.

    Any RV'ers or wannabes?



  • lucifer

    when I'm retired (not for a long time) I would like to try it, I love traveling, and am not picky about space

  • greendawn

    The longest I travelled in a motor home was for seven months in Europe and really enjoyed the total mobility and seeing so many places at minimal cost. It's your means of transport, your hotel room and your kitchen where you can cook and save a lot of money on restaurant bills. But sometimes the police can chase you for free camping, especially in high season.

  • serendipity

    I've never done it, but want to.

  • blondie

    Sounds like something to investigate, moshe.

    What tips can you give a person who wants to?


  • garybuss

    Due to my superior Awake! magazine education and my apocalyptical outlook I had the privilege of living in a 8 x 40 mobile home two years. It was on blocks the whole time.

  • moshe

    Gary- I lived in a small trailer like that after my JW wife divorced me, too.

    Blondie- to prepare for live in an RV move into no more than 2 rooms in your home/apt- take the door off your bathroom and just hang a curtain across the door way.(not much privacy in an RV) Now if you like this confinement, you'll enjoy the RV.

    The best part is the freedom to travel.

  • blondie
  • moshe

    WOW- now that's an RV! You could outfit it for our mobile "Apostafest" welcome wagon. Now ,coming soon to your town ,Blondie !

    Can't wait-


  • TMS

    There are so many facets to this discussion, I hardly know where to begin. Many pioneers in the 40's, 50's and 60's lived in everything from the masonite WWII travel trailers to the aluminum Spartans and Nashuas. Circuit Overseer accomodations on wheels ran the spectrum. Roland Collier served from a camper on a pickup. A traveling brother in Texas had this luxurious RV with slide-outs, a massive aquarium visible through a large window and every luxury not available to King Solomon.

    Space, comfort and practicality. I recall seeing the 200 sq. ft. home of a French artist. Polished hardwoods were used to make several multiple use items. The bed folded up into the wall. A table came down, etc. The Japanese excel at luxury in small spaces.

    The frugality I learned as a pioneer for many years and the Awake! education I share with Gary, almost necessitated an RV lifestyle. The Rio Grande Valley of Texas, where I have lived for two years now since my retirement, is populated by several hundred thousand who spend at least the winter in an RV. Other thousands like my wife and myself live here the year round.

    Instead of living in a park, we purchased two lots in Arroyo City, TX, a small fishing village on the Laguna Madre. Our RV sits on a quarter of those lots surrounded by an eventual picket fence. To the passerby, it appears we are renting a lot on the property. In this climate and the small quarters, the key is outdoor rooms and shade. We have created our own shade with a squarish gazebo adjacent to a mesquite tree. A cement pad with grill, table and chairs is a few feet away. This extends our living area by several hundred square feet. Close by is a small house of 192 sq.ft with washer, dryer, hot water tank and satellite tv (In this remote area, everything must be satellite: TV, ISP and radio).

    The RV is personal property so no real estate taxes. We pay taxes on the land. Its a lifestyle I've given some thought to and I don't feel deprived in any way. Of course airconditioning is an almost year round necessity. No heat needed.


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