How many congos

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  • DocHayes

    1. Greensboro, NC... Not sure where I was, a few congregations when I was born, and had no recollection.

    2. Greensboro, NC- Southeast- Served here until the time I was 16, around 1996. Gave my first talk, and was baptised.

    3. Greensboro, NC- Summit- ASL (American Sign Language Group) part of another congregation, but served here (very unwillingly) with the sign language group. I hated every minute of it, but my parents tried to make me believe that this was Jehovah's direction for the family. I also started regular Pioneering here. Here until 1999.

    4. Greensboro, NC - Southeast- 1999-2001. Went back to my home congregation after I was old enough to leave the ASL group. Continued as a Regular Pioneer, while the rest of family stayed at the ASL group. Faded away from here, and DA's myself in Jan of 2004.

  • IP_SEC

    Uvalde Tx 1973-2005

  • TallTexan

    I would like to be specific with dates and places, but it may give someone away who is trying to remain anonymous, so I have to be vague.

    1) Born into this one. Stayed 9 years. The CO was very pleased with this cong at the time and their 'fine example'. Very arrogant body of elders (according to one of them who told me that later). Most are df'd or inactive now.

    2) Moved into this one, stayed for 10 years. Small town. I was one of the only JW kids in town. Small cong. Got to give a lot of talks and have a lot of privileges for being so young. This cong was eventually dissolved because a new elder and a new MS moved in. They and their pioneer wives couldn't get along with the rest of the body of elders and their pioneer wives. It was obviously bad to be dissolved. Had to drive 45 miles to the nearest hall 3 x a week....and to go inservice. It was eventually reinstated but should be dissolved again, because the body of elders and most of the rest of the cong are the epitome of the loveless, backstabbing, power-hungry JW's.

    3) Stayed in this one 2 years. Moved to this town to go to junior college. Because of that and my spotty meeting attendance, I was pretty much an afterthought in the grand scheme of things.

    4) Stayed in this one a year. Moved here after J.C. and after I got a job. Had family in this one. Overall, not a bad cong at all. Some very nice people.

    5) Stayed in this one for four years. My work schedule prevented me from being regular, so I got a lot of the 'if you were regular you could do (fill in the blank.) A few very decent people, but many more really rotten ones.

    6) Moved again, was inactive for four years. Went to this cong for three months. Very decent lot, but really let me down when I felt like I needed their help the most. Thankfully, because it got me started on this road. That was five years ago.

    So I guess 6 congs in 30 active years.

  • uninformed


    Uvalde, TX!!!

    We lived east of you guys for 10 years or so, and went to Garner State Park occaisonally. Beautiful place.

    Had an elder friend in Onion Creek, Austin, that was going to move to Uvalde. Last name was Antu. My folks lived in Del Rio for 10 years or so in the 80's and 90's.

    We lived in Luling, Austin and San Marcos, from 89 to 2000.


  • gumby

    From birth on...

    Pomona Calif till the late 60's

    Chino Calif. till ' 72

    Wickenburg AZ. till ' 89

    Northern Calif. till 94-95.......then I got my dumb arse out.


  • IP_SEC
    We lived east of you guys for 10 years or so, and went to Garner State Park occaisonally. Beautiful place.

    Were you in the english or spanish in DR? They have a big ol' new double auditorium hall there now. The english congo has shriveled down to two very old elders. Antu... Antu... Im thinking I went to pioneer school with a sister Antu from DR. Class of like 93' or something?

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