How many congos

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  • joelbear

    let's see

    1. moultrie georgia, my dad helped build the town's first kingdom hall.

    2. ft. walton beach, told Ken Rogers I wanted to marry his daughter Melanie

    3. pensacola, always ticked off that i had to go to meeting when lost in space was coming on

    4. jesup, ga, tiny little white block bldg, had to pass speaker to go to the bathroom, i was only witness kid in the town

    5. forest park, ga we rarely attended cause dad had to work so much and mom couldn't drive

    6. valdosta, ga east congo. first town with two congos after we integrated. grew up here, pioneered in this congo

    7. jacksonville, fla san jose, rarely attended, became friends with a few witnesses, so i went on sundays mostly, some thursdays, DFed from this congo

  • stillajwexelder

    3 1) baptized and appointed MS

    2) Apointed and served as an elder

    3) Mr publisher

  • Honesty

    Here is the sordid history of Honesty:

    South Knoxville, TN. - Many kind brothers. All but one or two passed on now.

    Seymour, TN. - Pharisaic and aloof. Big turnover. For some reason it might be the general atmosphere that permeates the congregation.

    Walland, TN. - Good memories. Mostly well-intentioned brothers. When I had to DA it was very traumatic and uncomfortable but I just couldn't worship a lie.

  • moshe

    Danville,IL- started out here in 1971

    Hoopeston,IL >moved

    Rossville,IL> Hoopeston Cong. built new KH a few miles away- appointed Elder here-1976-resigned as Elder in 1979

    Clinton,IN 1982- short stay- RV'er fulltime travel

    Elizabeth city,NC> short stay , living in an RV

    St Cloud, FL> stayed here while working on Epcot in 1982- still in RV

    Crenshaw, lake, FL >( now in Lutz,FL)> moved, bought home- I resigned from JW's here, 1988

    that makes it a lucky 7 congs for me,

  • LDH

    1. Somewhere in DC, where I was born for 4 years.

    2. Auburn West, or East, or whichever, New York

    3. Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, briefly

    4. Fresno CA, even more briefly.

    Wow, I have had an exciting life!

  • uninformed

    in 1956 attended a few meetings in Napa, Calif. and Paso Robles Calif.

    In 1958-9 went to a few meetings in Phoenix, Az

    Moved to Prescott, AZ and was Baptized at 15 yrs. old in 1961

    Worked on a farm in southern AZ and attended meetings in Avondale, AZ

    Moved to Albuq. NM and went to south

    Moved to Denver, attended Cherry Creek

    Arrested, went to prison during Viet Nam and went to Mt. Lemon, Tucson, AZ

    Fed. Bur. of Prisons shut down Mt. Lemon in 1966 and sent us to Springfield, MO by way of La Tuna, Texas and El Reno, OK where we had a few meetings.

    In Springfield, MO eventually had over 80 brothers in the pen in our congregation.

    Released to Aurora, MO, went to the Hall there

    Moved to Conway Arkansas where I got married, in 1968

    Went to Hall in North Little Rock Arkansas, then started a cong in my home in Jacksonville, Arkansas.

    Brother Nonkes, now Secty of Christian Congregation, sent me and my wife to Newport, Arkansas, to pioneer and help out, believe it or not just turning 24 years old and on the "committee".

    The congregation servant in Newport tried to DF me for challenging his authority (both of us were smart asses) and I left in a hurry to

    Aurora, Mo. Had three kids there and got in the 1972 KM School in Chicago and became an elder.

    Moved then to Gladewater, TX.

    Moved to Austin, TX., (two Congs)

    Republic Missouri

    Luling, Texas

    Finally to Kansas City, Ks.

    Quit going to the Hall following the District Assy last June, 2005.

    That's 21 congregations! Served as an elder in all of them from 1969 to 2000. (30 plus yrs.)


  • FairMind

    Baptized 1972 - Congregation in easten Atlanta, GA suburb

    Appointed MS 1974 Appointed Elder 1975 Drifted away 1977-1985

    Moved to Western Atlanta Suburburbian town 1985 became active. Moved to another Western Atlanta Suburbian town 1989 Moved to another Western Atlanta Surburbian town 1996

  • coffee_black

    1.Hyde Park, MA from birth in 1952 to Dec. 1970 (Baptized 1960 , married 1970)

    2.Toluka Lake, CA 1971- Spring 1972

    3.Vineyard Haven, (Martha's Vineyard) 1972- Spring 1973

    4.Fairhaven MA 1973 - Summer 1976 (daughter born 1976, we moved in with parents due to illness of both)

    5.Sharon MA 1976- December 1979 (Parents died in '77, '78, sold house moved to Florida)

    6.Kissimmee FL 1980 -1981

    8.Winter Garden Fl, 1981-1987

    9.Rosemont, FL 1987-1993 (Divorced 1990 then fading.... officially DAed in Aug. 1993)


  • coffee_black

    OOps!!! forgot to add that my son was born while we were in Kissimmee Cong. 1981....


  • coffee_black

    Where is my brain? He was born when we were in The Winter Garden Cong. I need more coffee!!!!


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