Jehovah Unmasked!!

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  • Gill

    Has anyone here read Nathaniel Merritts 'Jehovah Unmasked'.

    I ask because I am half way through it and find it a fascinating book.

    There are small parts that I feel he hasn't answered questions on as I would have liked, or expected, but...I won't make a judgement yet, till I've read it a few times.

    Anyone else got any thoughts on it?

  • FlyingHighNow

    I've read it. It really helped me to understand how the Jehovah of the old testament could be so angry, violent and evil. I wrote a review for Nate for the booklet. He posts here are JWD. Maybe he'll stop by the thread and give a link so you can read about JU and read the comments, etc.

    A big eye opener. God is not jealous, so the real, most important God cannot be Jehovah. That is one of the biggest lessons in the book.

  • IP_SEC

    I'll read it as soon as it turns up in Half Price Books. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL HALF PRICE BOOKS!!

  • Gill

    FlyingHighNow - I agree with you. The book's a real eye opener.

    IP_ SEC - Don't wait that long to get it! I started reading it and I find it really hard to put down. As I said before, I'm only half way through it and so don't want to give too much of an opinion but go mad and treat yourself! I got it from Amazon yesterday and wow! The little old neurons are firing away! It's seriously mind altering! If my husband didn't keep saying, 'haven't you got something else to do? Put that bloody book down, woman!' I'd have finished it by now!!

  • greendawn

    So what are the main points that you liked most in this book? God as presented in the New Testament is very different from the one in the Old Testament.

  • IP_SEC
    If my husband didn't keep saying,

    YOUR A GIRL????

    Funny how I get an image in my head about posters only to reality come crashing in.

    Ok I'll order it.

  • delilah

    YOUR A GIRL????

    LMAO, IP_SEC...

  • KW13

    Quick rename the topic, IP_SEC unmasked :D only messing...

  • Gill

    Greendawn - What I like so far .....well! I realised, that I always, even as a child thought that Jehovah God was a raving lunatic and terrifying monster. I never liked him. Nate Merrit has listed properly 'why' I didn't like him. He is totally nuts! There's just no pleasing him. IF you were to describe the character of Jehovah God in the OT, there's not much good you can say about him. I've been racking my brains for something nice to say about him for a couple of days now!

    It's as if, the OT and NT are talking about completely opposing characters. The very nasty, homicidal maniac of the OT and suddenly he's Mr Sweetness, love and all forgiving?.....Can't be the same bloke.'s impossible unless he's had a lobotomy to remove his nasty side.

    I found interesting the explanation that the Jew did not have just one God, but many god....hence the reason why Jehovah kept getting so mad at them.

    Some things....well, I don't quite agree with. Such as, if Jehovah was so powerful he would have prevented atrocities even down to 9/11. However, if God himself, the Almighty God was so powerful, he could have stopped all this suffering on the Earth himself, also. So, I'm still having a problem with God/Gods or what ever powerful being there may or may not be.

    I totally love the chapter that tells the story of creation and mankinds continued suffering in modern terms. Slightly disturbing at first but starts to make a lot of sense.

    But I'm still reading.....

    IP_SEC - Yes! I'm a girl! You can only tell when I take my fake beard and moustache off.

  • ballistic

    I must admit I used to think greendawn was a woman. As in green-"Dawn", people sometimes slip their name into their username like that. No offense!

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