Chuck Norris Facts

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    Top Ten Chuck Norris Facts 1. Chuck Norris tears cure cancer. But he is so badass, he has never cried. Ever. 2. Chuck Norris does not sleep. He waits. 3. Chuck Norris is currently suing NBC, claiming Law and Order are trademarked names for his left and right legs. 4. The chief export of Chuck Norris is pain. 5. If you can see Chuck Norris, he can see you. If you cant see Chuck Norris, you may be only seconds away from death. 6. Chuck Norris has counted to infinity. Twice. 7. Chuck Norris does not hunt because the word hunting infers
    the probability of failure. Chuck Norris goes killing. 8. Chuck Norris doesnt wash his clothes, he disembowels them. 9. There is no chin behind Chuck Norris beard. There is only another fist. 10. In fine print on the last page of the Guinness Book of World Records it notes that all world records are held by Chuck Norris, and those listed in the book are simply the closest anyone else has ever gotten. 11. When Chuck Norris jumps into water he doesn’t get wet, the water gets Chuck Norris. Additional Chuck Norris Facts * Chuck Norris once roundhouse kicked someone so hard that his foot broke the speed of light, went back in time, and killed Amelia Earhart while she was flying over the Pacific Ocean. * Crop circles are Chuck Norris way of telling the world that sometimes corn needs to lie the fuck down. * Chuck Norris is ten feet tall, weighs two-tons, breathes fire, and could eat a hammer and take a shotgun blast standing. * The Great Wall of China was originally created to keep Chuck Norris out. It failed miserably. * If you ask Chuck Norris what time it is, he always says, Two seconds til. After you ask, Two seconds til what? he roundhouse kicks you in the face. * Chuck Norris drives an ice cream truck covered in human skulls. * Chuck Norris sold his soul to the devil for his rugged good looks and unparalleled martial arts ability. Shortly after the transaction was finalized, Chuck roundhouse-kicked the devil in the face and took his soul back. The devil, who appreciates irony, couldn’t stay mad and admitted he should have seen it coming. They now play poker every second Wednesday of the month. * There is no theory of evolution, just a list of creatures Chuck Norris allows to live. * Chuck Norris once ate three 72 oz. steaks in one hour. He spent the first 45 minutes having sex with his waitress. * Chuck Norris is the only man to ever defeat a brick wall in a game of tennis. * Chuck Norris doesn’t churn butter. He roundhouse kicks the cows and the butter comes straight out. * When Chuck Norris sends in his taxes, he sends blank forms and includes only a picture of himself, crouched and ready to attack. Chuck Norris has not had to pay taxes ever. * The quickest way to a mans heart is with Chuck Norris fist. * A Handicap parking sign does not signify that this spot is for handicapped people. It is actually in fact a warning, that the spot belongs to Chuck Norris and that you will be handicapped if you park there. * Chuck Norris will attain statehood in 2009. His state flower will be the Magnolia. * Nagasaki never had a bomb dropped on it. Chuck Norris jumped out of a plane and punched the ground. * Chuck Norris originally appeared in the Street Fighter II video game, but was removed by Beta Testers because every button caused him to do a roundhouse kick. When asked bout this glitch, Norris replied, That’s no glitch. * The opening scene of the movie Saving Private Ryan is loosely based on games of dodgeball Chuck Norris played in second grade. * Chuck Norris once shot down a German fighter plane with his finger, by yelling, Bang! * Chuck Norris once bet NASA he could survive re-entry without a spacesuit. On July 19th, 1999, a naked Chuck Norris re-entered the earths atmosphere, streaking over 14 states and reaching a temperature of 3000 degrees. An embarrassed NASA publically claimed it was a meteor, and still owes him a beer. * Chuck Norris has two speeds: Walk and Kill. * Someone once tried to tell Chuck Norris that roundhouse kicks aren’t the best way to kick someone. This has been recorded by historians as the worst mistake anyone has ever made. * Contrary to popular belief, America is not a democracy, it is a Chucktatorship. * Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is based on a true story: Chuck Norris once swallowed a turtle whole, and when he crapped it out, the turtle was six feet tall and had learned karate. * Chuck Norris is not hung like a horse horses are hung like Chuck Norris * Chuck Norris is the only human being to display the Heisenberg uncertainty principle you can never know both exactly where and how quickly he will roundhouse-kick you in the face. * Chuck Norris can drink an entire gallon of milk in forty-seven seconds. * Rather than being birthed like a normal child, Chuck Norris instead decided to punch his way out of his mothers womb. * If you say Chuck Norris name in Mongolia, the people there will roundhouse kick you in his honor. Their kick will be followed by the REAL roundhouse delivered by none other than Norris himself. * Time waits for no man. Unless that man is Chuck Norris. * Chuck Norris discovered a new theory of relativity involving multiple universes in which Chuck Norris is even more badass than in this one. When it was discovered by Albert Einstein and made public, Chuck Norris roundhouse-kicked him in the face. We know Albert Einstein today as Stephen Hawking. * The Chuck Norris military unit was not used in the game Civilization 4, because a single Chuck Norris could defeat the entire combined nations of the world in one turn. * In an average living room there are 1,242 objects Chuck Norris could use to kill you, including the room itself. * Chuck Norris can touch MC Hammer. * Chuck Norris is 1/8th Cherokee. This has nothing to do with ancestry, the man ate a fucking Indian. * Chuck Norris doesn’t read books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants. * Chuck Norris once ate a whole cake before his friends could tell them there was a stripper in it. * Chuck Norris always has sex on the first date. Always. * Cars were invented to have a faster way of fleeing from Chuck Norris. Not to be outdone, Chuck Norris invented the car accident. * As a teen Chuck Norris impregnated every nun in a convent tucked away in the hills of Tuscany. Nine months later the nuns gave birth to the 1972 Miami Dolphins, the only undefeated and untied team in professional football history. * Chuck Norris once challenged Lance Armstrong in a Who has more testicles? contest. Chuck Norris won by 5.

  • stillajwexelder

    bit like Steven Seagal

  • serendipity

    When I saw Chuck Norris in person, I was surprised at how small a guy he is.

  • DanTheMan
    * Nagasaki never had a bomb dropped on it. Chuck Norris jumped out of a plane and punched the ground.

    It's all funny, but I laughed hardest at that one

  • HappyDad


    : the quality of being actual : ACTUALITY <a question of fact hinges on evidence>: something that has actual existence <space exploration is now a fact>


    an actual occurrence <prove the fact of damage


    a piece of information presented as having objective reality- in fact : in truth

    Dude........what were you smoking when you posted this? Is there supposed to be some humor that a senior citizen can't comprehend?

    I've met Chuck Norris when he visited my friend John Carleo (the guy who does an instructual video for Total Gym) who lives near me.

    What is your point here? I can assure you that Chuck Norris is not what he USED to portray in his earlier movies.

    HE..........and most of WE........get a little smarter as we age. Doesn't mean we know everything though! It is called maturing. Then again.........some people just get old without maturing.

    Again..............what is your point?


  • Think

    There is rumor that Chuck Norris will be bodyguard for GB after Children Rape scandals.

    He will choke you "lovingly" .

  • justsomedude
    Again..............what is your point?


    : the quality of being funny : Humor <a question of taste>: something that makes you laugh <George Carlin is funny>

    Dude, get a grip.

  • upside/down
    * Chuck Norris once challenged Lance Armstrong in a Who has more testicles? contest. Chuck Norris won by 5.

    That was hilarious...


  • Satanus

    Good stuff.


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