New WT Section : Questions From The Public

by Clam 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • prophecor

    Ever wonder why their official website has no email address for you to contact if you have a question? Take a look; they've only got a pathetic page under "Contact Us" where you give them your name, address, etc. There's absolutely no place on there where it gives a phone number, or email address by way of contact. And why is that? Because they know full well they'd be inundated with questions that they have no answer to.
    Point well taken, Mary!!!
  • sf

    Ha! As long as Danny Hazsard and a few others are out here in cyberspace, the WTBTS will be well advised to keep their site closed, for the duration. open forum for questions on the official Watchtower org site.....LOLOLOLOL....{a real knee slapper}

    Lady Lee, I might need some help off this floor again today dear lady.


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