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  • KW13

    Ok so its late and i wanted to share with you (my friends here if i have got any yet) what happened. The evening starts off peaceful, but it ended with the old debates with me and mum. Evidence i found on Sites was apostate, on page it was wrong so in the end i had to show her the original source of information. Firstly thanks for helping me with the old 607BCE is false thing, i have proven to my mum without doubt from a stone tablet in the British Museum WHEN Jerusalem was finally destroyed. If you want to see yourself go to http://www.thebritishmuseum.ac.uk/compass/ and follow the link that says Continue into COMPASS >> This gives you a sort of online tour. Then search for Jerusalem and click the tablet that is called Cuneiform tablet with part of the Babylonian Chronicle (605-594 BC)OR the lachish letters. Not looked at the other artifacts but the named ones DO prove the date given by the society is a lie. I dunno how to say this, but proving this to mum still hasn't 100% shown her, she is trying to say that this is on about a different time period...oh so jerusalem was destroyed again while the people were yet in exile? Thanks people...from karl at his wits end with mum lol

  • MerryMagdalene

    Hang in thereAnd thanks for the link.


  • Severus
    from karl at his wits end with mum lol

    Funny how I relate to that.

  • KW13

    lol don't we all! Anyway today she shows me the insight book and it just twists what the tablet says...she is confused and in denial but as its friday i will forgive her!

  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101

    Hi there, i'll be your friend!! Seriously i'm sure a lot here will view you that way. I wonder if you can get her to look in her congregation library? If she can find an early publication she will see the society once believed the destruction took place in 606bc - one reference I have is in the book 'Riches' written by JF Rutherford in 1936. Ask her why they changed the historical date when they realised there was no year naught, instead of moving the prophetic date (1914)? In other words in order to preserve 1914 they changed the start date which is to work backwards. As you have already shown both 606 and 607 are completely wrong making the 1914 date the same.

    CS 101

  • KW13

    WHOO a friend :) I never knew that, i shall ask her to check :D

  • City Fan
    City Fan


    Just a word of caution, lines 11 and 12 of the chronicle simply say:

    11. In the seventh year, the month of Kislev, the king of Akkad mustered his troops, marched to the Hatti-land,
    12. and encamped against (i.e. besieged) the city of Judah and on the second day of the month of Adar he seized the city and captured the king.

    So we know from this that old Nebi first captured Jerusalem in his 7th year. But we only know his 7th year was 598/597 BC because of the thousands of business and administrative documents, hundreds of astronomical tablets and diaries and also comparisons with kinglists that give us a complete neo-Babylonian chronology.

    So on it's own this tablet can't be used to date the first capture, but together with all the other evidence we can pinpoint the event to 15/16th March 597 BC.


  • jwfacts

    I hope you are able to get through to your mother, just as I still hope I can get through to mine, I know she would so love to know the truth, if only she had the strength to admit it to herself.

    When I saw this tablet in the 90's at the museum I was amazed thinking how it proved the JW's to be correct, little did I realise Watchtower literature only presents half the story.

  • KW13

    Thanks City Fan, shall remember that. JWfacts, i wish you the best of luck too. I suppose since our effort is sincere that our motives will come across that way, and hopefully do as much IF not more than the info itself!

  • greendawn

    After so many years of mind conditioning it's hard to shake off such ideas that are fundamental for the JWs. If 1914 falls so do a great deal of other things eg the invisible inspection of 1919 that gave them the status of the supreme religion, from Christ himself.

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