Are You Addicted To American Idol?

by minimus 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    The Grammys were on last night and American Idol got better numbers!!! I understand Simon Cowell has a similar show in Britain.....Love that guy!

  • daystar

    Hmmm... no, I just don't get the draw. I can get better crap singers at the karaoke bar down the street.

  • skyman

    I love it, I have a very talented family so it is fun to see others trying to make it.

  • blondie

    Never watch it. Simon is too abusive.

  • minimus

    When you see how some people just believe that they're wonderful singers and cry over the fact that they got dissed----is too much! Still, they pool a lot of talent there!..... The Simon thing is what gets ratings. A necessary evil.

  • Raising Cane
    Raising Cane

    I love it but also liked the Grammys....I just wish simon was not on it even though it is more then likely him getting them the ratings they need...

    I have Satellite so I got to kill 2 birds with one stone and watched both...

    And Simon, your a rotten, detestable, disgraceful , appalling, and disturbing person!!

    I wonder if he gets off on hurting humans?? anyone know if the man is married or not??

  • Clam

    No Simon Cowell isn't married and likes to play the field. The ladies love him apparently. Well enough, if you see what I mean.

  • joelbear

    i am not entertained by untalented people embarrassing themselves and then being insulted. at least the people on the gong show knew it was a joke. well, most of them did.

    even the people who get to the very end aren't that good. I like Kelly Clarkson's music, the rest have disappeared.

    Clay ticked me off when he denied he was gay, the big queen.

    i lost interest when the two young black girls who were wonderful, almost got kicked off and the show reminded voters this was not a popularity contest, uh huh, haven't watched it since.

  • IP_SEC

    dont like AI. Watch the grammys. B Springsteens performance was Awesome!

  • minimus

    Clay's gay? i believe you but is that just something that's known in the community like Luther??

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