Did anyone hear the expression- If it was`nt for Jehovah I wouldnt stick it

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  • jambon1

    Where I live it`s common to hear the brothers/sisters say 'If it wasnt for Jehovah I wouldnt be here' - refering to the fact that they are fed up, sick of everyone and they are only staying in the truth for Jehovah. It is normally uttered after a fight in the cong or when someone has done something bad/brought bad publicity etc. Naturally, it is said with a dgree of head shaking.

    Does this not contradict the idea of a worldwide, supportive & loving brotherhood exsisting among JW's?

  • diamondblue1974

    I remember this even a decade ago when I was in; people used to say things like 'but you arent in the truth for the elders or other brothers and sisters you should be in it for Jehovah'

    Translated that means you are supposed to take all the crap they can throw at you and still remain loyal....yeah right!


  • jambon1


    im from the same country as you....

    what you said occured to me too - take all the s**t, oh & take it gratefuly,

    what crap,


    Translated that means you are supposed to take all the crap they can throw at you and still remain loyal....yeah right!

    This is exactly what JWs especially elders believe. "Where else is there to go?" What I dont get is that in that scripture Peter was talking about Jesus not an organization. Idiots! Another popular scripture they use is In Hebrews "whom Jehovah loves he disciplines...." so if the elders treat you like sh*t its from Jehovah and he still loves you so shut up and deal with it.

  • Nellie

    Very good point. But then again, that's what the great org has drilled into us. We are serving Jehovah, we are serving Jehovah, we are serving Jehovah, man is imperfect, Jehovah is perfect, wait on Jehovah, Jehovah will straighten out all matters in due time, you are serving Jehovah - not man, don't allow man to come between you and Jehovah, wait on Jehovah...

    Well I for one decided to stop waiting and start living. If Jehovah brings a new system, I take comfort in knowing that He knows my heart. THAT'S how I choose to wait on Him.

  • diamondblue1974

    This makes me cringe but my mother comes out with some absolute stunning comments...

    'Jehovahs Witnessses are the most counselled people there is you know, people might think we are daft for taking all this counsel but it shows Jehovah loves us'


  • The Lone Ranger
    The Lone Ranger

    They like it have it both ways. Firstly, they claim that they are full of love, but when that go's wrong then they expect to say, "If it wasn't for Jehovah i wouldn't be here"

  • freedomlover

    I can't tell you how many witnesses say this! This is what is keeping most witnesses in the org. If you take the viewpoint you have, your character is attacked or you are labeled as having a bad attitude.

    IMO this is where personal accountability comes into play. There has to be a line drawn somewhere or you will lose all your self worth and self respect.
    You cannot let people keep abusing you and then shrugging it off without it affecting you negatively.

  • blondie

    You can see why people don't think JWs are Christians....where's Jesus?

  • greendawn

    I also heard that expression "you are not here for the sake of one or other brother but for je-hohah" and this is of course a case of mind conditioning. Does je-hohah really care for a multinational multibillion corporation and all its scores of affiliates? Does he underwrite them? And as Blondie said why isn't Christ the head of the JWs but je-hohah? Are they still under the mosaic law in spirit at least?

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