Hello everyone

by DigitalFokus 29 Replies latest jw friends

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    Welcome aboard!

  • Cellist

    Welcome to the board, Digital Fokus.


  • MsMcDucket

    Hello DF, I can't spell DigitalFocus (well you know what I mean). Anyway, welcome to the forum. Put on some extra layers of clothes and put a blow heater by your feet and get back on!

  • uninformed


    With a temper like that seems to me that you wouldn't be cold.

    When I see people like you at this site, it makes me want to leave.


  • liquidsky

    Welcome DF!

  • DigitalFokus

    a temper like what? becuase i didn't like the comment involving my spelling, child molesters and my Child? LOL then leave. I am here because it seems like the majority of the members are good people with real heads on their shoulders. Just like in real life, i don't let someone talk stupid to me. exspecially when it involves my boy.

  • misspeaches

    DigitalFokus Welcome! I hope you do enjoy your stay here. Thanks for sharing so much of your story already. Its a great place when you stick around.

    Try not to mind some of the others. I think after being in the JW cult for so long and being curtailed in their speech and thinking they just let it all fly now!

    I really do hope you can find some of your friends too!

  • jonsey

    Welcome DF!

  • freedomlover
    to me the wts is like a crazy ex girlfriend that cheating on you with your best friend and then broke up with you and then you find out she got the herp from your best friend, let them rot together, whenever i see a jw (which is rarely) i kinda laugh to myself and think "poor poor bastards" so i don't care what the wts can learn about ME on a online forum. But i don't want anyone who isn't ready to speak up and then get in trouble with those nazis.

    WOW! this sounds like something else that was just on here!


    written by Tetrapod.....I think you guys may get along on here.....

  • Undecided

    I think you may have misunderstood Carmel's comment. He was referring to the ones in the congregation who were child molesters liking you there with your beautiful little boy. He wasn't referring to you as a molester.

    Ken P.

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