Do you still pray?

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  • silentWatcher

    Why bother talking to yourself? -silent

  • liquidsky

    I don't pray to any god...It's more like sending good/happy thoughts to those who need it.

  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    Well, It looks like I will be the first to confess that I pray everyday. I do not pray to the god of the watchtower, that god is not the god of Israel, the Father of Jesus. The god of the Watchtower has no backbone and is at the mercy of the Governing Body. The God of the Bible is my Creator and my Dad. I love my Dad.

    Apostate Kate

  • bonnzo

    only when i eat lunch with jdubs or my family(close eyes for a minute to look good) when i eat at my moms house she expects me to be the man of the house, since my dad died, at mealtime. when we have guests, i always get one of them to do it.

    normally i never pray. ive never had one answered, so i quit.

  • theinfamousone

    this is my thought on prayer... you know how so many ppl have this thing about how prayer works for them... well i think what prayer is all about is us convincing our own unconscious what we need... then our own unconscious helps us work towards this goal we have set for ourselves!!!deep down, i think thats what god really is... we dont want to believe this is it, so we convince ourselves that there is a god and so we speak to him, we cry to him we even try to please him... but really, were just doing all this for and to ourselves... hell, even a hungry lion knows not to attack a weaker lion unless its in some kind of danger.... morals are instinct, not taught through bible...

    so yes i do pray,. but only to myself.... its a way to get my feelings out in the pen, no more denial, i know what i feel and i will fix it cuz i want to...

    the infamous one

  • Calliope

    a sister, who doesn't know she's an apostate yet, asked a group of us what the deal was with prayer. she was feeling discouraged and disillusioned because some good ol' faithful single mom had a part at an assembly and explained that she had prayed long and hard about her situation and her wishes were granted so that her kids all grew up to be pioneers and elders and elderettes and vice principals of the secret society (yadda yadda yadda). meanwhile, the poor ol' single mom, living the same situation, thought she was praying hard enough... but nope.


    however, on a side note, tonight while walking my dog and smoking a sweet cigarette, i prayed to the lone dying star with its waning light. twas nice.


  • jillbedford

    Yes I do still pray. I pray differently now though. I pray for miracles of healing, where we didn't as JW's.

    But I understand and can appreciate those of you who are bitter and have become atheists in your belief system. After the JW experience I can certainly understand. However, I am sure you still have a solid belief system, belief in yourself maybe? I hope you can respect my firm belief that there is a God who hears and responds to prayer. I too belief in myself but find this strength comes as a result of prayer.

  • Robdar

    I prey on small woodland mammals.

    *spanks Ritchie*

    I've told you a thousand times to stop smacking those field mice on they tiny, little heads.

    Yes, I still pray. Among other things, I pray that small woodland mammals will be safe from Ritchie.

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    Prayer was never comfortable for me. My in-laws always used to ask me to say the blessing for Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners. I hate praying out loud. I finally asked them to give me a Get Out Of Prayer Free Card. Even as a Witness I seldom practised personal prayer. And even then it was usually for forgiveness after just finishing punching the clown.


  • Narkissos


    Although private and public prayer are fairly different (and here common prayer almost never happens out of church) I like the shift of language, expression, tone, form, attitude, that even public prayer may bring in. All the more perhaps if it's considered as addressing a non-existent hearer. The strangeness of the act breaks the social configuration of actual speakers/hearers open. People fear less to sound ridiculous. Some poetry emerges here and there. Even the dumbest JW elder sometimes sounds deeper in prayer.

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