Do you still pray?

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  • undercover

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    It's that time once again for yours truly to try to channel minimus and ask a pertinent question sure to spark a lot of interest and debate amongst the ex-JW community.

    The question: Do you still pray?

    As a JW whenever I was in a "worldly" situation where someone offered up prayer, whether it was for food, safety of a race car driver or to lead our troops to victory, I stood quietly but without bowing my head or closing my eyes. Of course at all JW related events I always held prayer in the utmost respect and always bowed my head and closed my eyes.

    Recently, however, I found myself in a situation where it was mostly JWs and a prayer was conducted. I could not let myself do it. I could not join in. I stood quietly but kept my head up, eyes opened and glanced around at the crowd. I did listen, but only to verify that most public prayers from JWs are still as lame as ever.

    Since I never joined in prayer outside of the JW experience before and now that I can't join in JW prayer, I never pray or join in when public prayer is conducted. It's funny to see people suddenly become so religioius and pious so as to bow their head, remove their cap, but not really believe in it. I figure if I don't believe in it, why bother putting on a show?


  • JH

    Well, it's a funny thing that you talk about this, but last night going to bed, I felt like saying a few words in prayer, something I rarely do anymore.

    But then, I thought that God probably wouldn't even listen to me, so I didn't.

  • IP_SEC

    I pray to my subconscious. Thats about it.

  • kid-A

    Prayer is just an internal dialogue. Some people find it therapeutic. Personally, I would rather talk to a living, breathing human being that will actually provide a verbal response, then the empty sky. But to each their own, we all get our psychological anesthesia one way or another...

  • lucifer

    Nope I don't pray anymore, I never got any answers so why bother

  • RichieRich

    I prey on small woodland mammals. Other than that, I occasionally pray on behalf of the congregation, but God knows that doesn't count.

  • justsomedude

    Im still respectful when Im at my folks and such, but otherwise I dont have any need to talk to myself like that.

  • greendawn

    No I gave that up long ago as I thought it was unnecessary god knows what we need even if we can't express it, he can read our thoughts, there is no point in praying.

  • delilah

    LMAO @ RR......I occasionally do pray, and at mealtimes on the holidays.

  • tijkmo

    no ...sometimes i feel like jh..but like him think whats the point

    if im at my folks and they pray i show respect for their wishes...and i would do the same for all beliefs now

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