Is getting married in Church a DA'able offense? Ping anyone with BOE manual

by Abaddon 34 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • tijkmo
    This happens all the time - I remove someone, and then HQ changes it. That is no big deal, that is just something one has to get accustomed to, it happens all the time."


  • LittleToe

    Btw, you're onto a high-do-to-nothing if you think you can outwit the BOE with "I'm not joining a religion, I'm just taking a prominent role in one of their ceremonies". They aren't instructed to have wits, just to toe the party line. Some will be lenient and hold the situation "in abeyance", but the safer action is to never have it brought before them.

    Further, anything you put in writing can and will be used in evidence against you.

    You have a reasonable to fair chance of shaming them into some semblence of humanity, with the "I'm not going to do your dirty work" comment, though.

  • billyboy

    Aside from the issue that a Catholic church would happily marry someone who doesn't believe in their doctrines , isn't a member and has lived "in sin" for many years prior to being married...

    You won't be DA'd - you no longer associate and have been away for 13 years.

  • LittleToe

    Aside from the issue of you apparently running down the Catholic church's business in a run-by shooting worthy of the WTS, you're wrong. They could very well DF/DA him, depending on how they feel on the day.

  • DannyBloem

    Hi Abbadon,

    for what it is worth, I do not think they will DF you. Most of the time, in those cases the question is if the person involved is still being considered a witness by other witnesses and or friends.
    I do not think that counts for you.
    They could have DF-ed you probably already if they had wanted. living together, is worse for them then marrying catholic.
    Anyway as long as you don't piss them off, you're probably safe....


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