WTBTS Brochures you never saw - The scarry, The bad and The Funny - Part 1

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  • luna2

    Very, very odd artwork. LOL ...and, yes, Eve there does look like a child. Rather disturbing.

  • Trojan

    Ok. Lets sum this up!

    The people of the arts department (back in 1934, Rutherfords oversight) had great spiritual sexual thoughts. They where creative and talented people, indeed.

    They're view of the first couple is this: Eve was a young (too young?) hottie that liked to make it out with the "Python of love" (oh, kid-a YOU'RE the creative one, I'm still cracking up on this, really, I could have pee'd my pants...). This obviously caused Adam to get very frustrated. Frustration that he could only get rid off, by going fishing or stretching his "whang" into insane lenghts (the community here isn't very sure on this last point, me neither, what the heck did the artist had in mind???). Both where using razors and liked to be clean shaven (didn't notice this, interesting....)

    This story is than called: Cause of Death! It MUST have been the most favorite brochure for 12 year old boys in the thirties...

    Conclusion: Why don't they hire creative arts people like these? Some of you have suggested the 2006 version of this brochure and we all would love to see it!

    Part 2: Follows today.

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