Merit of Non-Blood Medical Treatment

by billyboy 10 Replies latest watchtower medical

  • willyloman

    Billyboy misses the point. The issue is not whether "bloodless" surgery is good or bad (it can be both, depending on circumstances). And the issue is not whether surgeons speaking on camera are lying or telling the truth; we can stipulate that they are sharing real professional experiences.

    The real issue is whether the convoluted blood doctrine imposed on ignorant rank and file dubs by the WTBTS, which not one in a thousand JWs comprehends, is something the Bethel Boys should even have their hands on.

    They were wrong about this, both scripturally and medically. The medical establishment would have curtailed the use of blood transfusions anyway, simply because of cost and availability factors. The WTS knows it was wrong - this is obvious from their backing away from "no blood" into the corner where fractions are. They would love to see a blood substitute appoved by the Feds so this can just go away. They are too cowardly to admit they were wrong because the lawyers who run things in Bethel have tallied the money they'd lose in lawsuits.

    The "blood issue" is blatantly dishonest. The Society is disengenuous. The average dub is misinformed and misguided. Lives have been lost. Somebody's responsible and, if there is a god, will be held accountable.

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