BIG NEWS - Did I miss something ?

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  • Oroborus21

    Earth to Wombat (and the rest of the Forum)

    Go back and read my first comments in the AP Thread.

    That is what I was saying all along. This is not news and in fact it really wasn't a NEW directive, unless you mean this letter regarding HLCs replaced the old one.

    Big Whoop!

    The whole thing was much ado about nothing, had actually no factual connection to the JCS Big News Essay/Louderback-Wood tort (misrepresentation) theory - although it tried to bring it in by mentioning it and quoting it. At least the writer quoted Wood as admitting that the theory was unproven and untested.

    There is no further outcome for JWs or the Society regarding the AP story. Like so many that have been published from time to time, it was interesting for its own reasons and another story like it will appear again some time in the future. These things (news stories) don't affect the way most JWs actually feel, much less what they believe, regarding the Org other than perhaps reinforcing the persecution-complex/belief.

    It was a puff piece that was interesting since it was about an insane doctrine (Blood rejection) of a minority religious group (JWs) that many people know about.

    Its only value was that being an AP piece it was picked up and carried in the sparse Religious sections of many newspapers and online AP wire sections, THUS reminding society in general about JWs and their insane religious belief of rejecting blood.

    Regarding the Thursday/Service Meeting announcement/letter which you can read for yourself (it is linked on the AP thread) there was nothing special about it and no, it didn't create any confusion regarding blood fractions contrary to what the AP writer suggested (as his whole theme for his article) that the "new directive" would supposedly do.

    Will a retraction go out over the AP wire - "Whoops! I didn't understand that this letter is not really anything new or different and it won't be confusing to 6 million JWs like I thought. Sorry, AP Writer"

    don't hold your breath,


    PS: What will be BIG NEWS is when the Society/JWs finally abandon the entire doctrine. That day is coming.

  • DannyHaszard
    PS: What will be BIG NEWS is when the Society/JWs finally abandon the entire doctrine. That day is coming.

    Jehovah Witness Bogus Blood Transfusion Ban.Why they let Children Die .
    Watchtower leadership REPEAL The BOGUS BLOOD BAN NOW! Jehovah's Witnesses have
    a non negotiable doctrine of their belief system to reject Blood products.

    Getting ramped up i have been posting this ALL OVER the web for two years-Danny Haszard

  • Oroborus21

    sorry about the extra spacing. why does that happen when you go in and make a correction?


    Woodsman, I think your points are good ones. It might be that the Society wishes to have the friends rely on the HLCs instead of outdated info but we will have to see if that is the case. Since they coordinate and appoint the HLCs I would be more worried about agency-liability so I would think it would go the other way but who knows.

    The letter itself didnt' have any connection to the JCS article. We know that just factually because the JCS article wasn't released until December and the letter and more importantly the KM was printed before that or at most about the same time.

    As to whether the Society might have been aware of the specifics regarding Ms. Wood's mother, I am not sure they would know the details of what was in her family's head or that they consulted the Blood Brochure or didn't know hemoglobin was permissible. Wood hasn't revealed whether such things were communicatd to the local body of elders much less the Society (that i know of) and hasn't explained why they didn't look at the more recent information and videos which do indicate which blood fractions are OK.

  • wombat

    I apologize for expecting something BIG to happen last Sunday. It was all my fault for being so stupid.

    I made the same mistake back in the '60s. I was stupid to expect the big A in 1975. It was all my fault.

    Geeee......I keep letting myself down. I am so stupid.

  • AuldSoul

    In the bOrg, BIG NEWS = Armageddon, or at least false religion destroyed.

    Outside the bOrg, BIG NEWS = anything of particularly great significance to a group of people.

    This is BIG NEWS because the United States was plastered with this article. Even where the article didn't make the paper, it was BIG NEWS that the reporters may have read it on the AP newswire. No one who knew about the Louderback-Wood article or the AP News article, not one single person, said any of this was going to destroy the WTS or force them to repeal anything.

    People in the know said that it was more damaging and bigger news than anything that had come so far, and it is proving to meet that criteria very nicely after only a month. It is not the BIGGEST NEWS, nor will it single-handedly translate into the BIGGEST NEWS some day in the future, but it is certainly BIG NEWS.

    Oroborus is likely also wrong. The WTS is highly unlikely to repeal this blood doctrine until and unless litigation succeeds against them over it. He wants them to very badly, because he expects them to reform themselves willingly—without any real cause for such a hope. His Web site pushes for reform, he doesn't want them taken down. He wants to try to patch the rabid beast, give it a tranquilizer, feed it and hope the deranged brain of the beast will calm itself down in time.

    There is no need to deride those to whom this news IS of great significance. If you have bigger news, go use it to whatever effect you can. None of the other issues have ever gotten this much print this quickly, and I can't help but believe this will lead to other things. This is the biggest public news we've ever been able to tout. It is bigger than the Dateline piece already, and the article is only a month released.


  • sf
    and the article is only a month released

    And CONTINUES to Good all the inhabitants of the earth.

    It is due out, in print, this Saturday, in my local paper.

    REFORM? RE-form what? How can you bring back all those dead kids Eduardo?? How can anything in this ROT be re-formed? It's all based on insane policies, based on insane twisting of the scripture. I told you before, bleach is only good for a pure brainwash. It can't mask over blood dripping from the Governing Bodys hands, brother! Any forensic scientist can tell you amount of bleach can hide blood stains!!!



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