BIG NEWS - Did I miss something ?

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  • wombat

    Sorry I meant to thank Thijkomo ( or someone similar). Why can't you just call yourself Bruce ?

  • tijkmo
    Why can't you just call yourself Bruce ?

    well that would be a bit confusing

    tijkmo..of the monty python..and the stillawitness computer skills..appreciation society class

  • wombat


    and the stillawitness computer skills..appreciation society class

    Glad you picked up on that..........................Wombat

  • wombat

    bttt........Waiting for the Merry Cans to pick it up. I'd love an answer.

  • DannyHaszard
    By leaving things so ambiguous they can turn around and say "well, we never explicitly threatened expulsion if they took a transfusion,

    Mealy-mouthing bastards Danny's Blog my "appeal" committee blog at my disfellowshipping from the Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses Rockland Massachusetts they never once used the word 'disfellowship' they only talked about how to get reinstated in 3 months Image hosting by TinyPic

  • wombat

    Danny....Good to see you back here,

    So what was the result of the Associated Press releases ?

    What was the new information ?

    What happened ?

    Did anything positive happen after all the hype ?

    Why haven't you posted anything positive about the AP hype since Sunday ?

    I feel let down..............Wombat

  • ezra

    go to the kingdom hall and view the letter for yourself on the board

  • wombat

    Ezra....I would LOVE to go to a Kingdom Hall. An earlier poster asked why the letter wasn't being posted on the board. I am glad to see that it is.

    So now all JWs know what fractions etc. they can receive ? It is all clear to them ?

    Was that on the board ?..........Wombat

  • AuldSoul


    If you thought the recent AP "BIG NEWS" was about the five page directive then you missed quite a lot. The AP story was about Kerry Louderback-Woods' paper. Prior to the AP picking this up, the extent of exposure was minimal. It is actually pretty remarkable that this article made such a big splash in the news within a month of its publication.

    This got more widespread coverage than any of the JW child molestation issues, and it is in both printed form and Internet publication (digital never dies).

    The huge benefit is that if someone runs into this situation they are now a simple google search away from information about where to find potential legal relief from damages, and they don't have to go to apostate sites to find out.


  • Bryan

    I'm sorry to go OT, but EZRA, would you please go back to the post below and answer as you promised?

    Many thanks,


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