Has Jehovah already won..are we just waiting to see how?

by DavidChristopher 19 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • JamesThomas

    To say Jehovah has won, is as valid as a sports team trailing by a thousand points angrily burning down the stadium and declaring themselves the winner.


  • kid-A

    We are just waiting now for it all to come together.

    LMAOROFL!!!!! Oh that is priceless!! Thank you! Millions now living ARE DEAD!

    1914 generation:

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Kid-A.....I got it from the bible...not the WT...

    Eph. 1:10 "For an administration at the full flimit of the appointed times namely to gather all things together again in the Christ, the things in the heavens and the things on the earth. Yes in him".

    I left the Wt...in Sept. never to return again....

  • google_mE
    David...I know I already talked of this... YES I agree with you.

    I do think that the big issues are won and we are just seeing it come together now.

    1. issue that was brought up in the garden. Does God have the right to rule or is man

    capable.? Man's rule now has been proven that it's a failure. The goverment is

    proven the be in the wrong. Futile wars without a basis. (no WMD's) all proven.

    We are just waiting now for it all to come together.

    One thing I've never understood, is how JW's can say that Man's way of rule has failed ? When the Bible clearly states that the ruler of this world is Satan (not taking into account that God raises up worldly rulers and leads Satan around w/ hooks in his jaws). Take Satan out of the picture and you have a different world. Better ? Prolly not, but at least you've conducted an uncontaminated, legitimate experiment. The only thing this system proves is that Satan can't benefit man. That was evident when Cain killed Abel. Issue solved. So, then what does the rest of the thousands of years of murder & torture humans have to go through prove ? What a loving God. -mE

  • serendipity

    Hi google me, welcome to the forum!

  • Stromboli


    When I was im my 20s I started tinking about this question and came up with an idea, but then I abbandoned it as WT didn't like it. :-)

    I'm actually going back to it now....

    God has not won yet. Satan was proven a liar with Jesus, but humans have not proven that they cannot govern them selves.

    Yes we die and make wars etc but we're are still here and managing. To prove their incapacity to rule humans have to auto-destroy the human race. God will pull the plug just before that happens.

    The idea sprung from another question:

    How do you conclusevely prove that humans cannot govern them selves?

    As long as the specie goes on you can criticise it but can't say we can't make it.

    I don't know if it make any sense but if it does, we are paving our way to self distruction. and all the religions we have created are our milestones.... :-)

  • Jake99

    The best way for Jehovah to win and take this world back from Satan is to send his Son to demonstrate the Way. After that extensive and mysterious task is complete, the Son, by himself, takes on this wicked system and its leaders, which starts the war of Armageddon. That has already happened and was fought in five courthouses of Massachusetts at and near Y2K. The Messiah went on trial twice for making threats and won on every rule of law but the wicked system and its leaders admitted defeat and refused to surrender. That continued the tribulation period which is nearing seven years. Have you not seen the works of the Anti Christ as stated in the bible in the form of GW Bush. Have you not seen the earth rear its head in ways more devastating than ever before. Famine, pestilances, wars and rumors of wars, these are the end times.

    Its not every day that the factually most successful leader ever to walk the earth steps forward with a bow and arrows and challenges the leaders of this world to a war. No defendant or person has ever put on such a myseterious and miraculous physical and mental demonstration before. But the angry mob, in this case 6 jurrors once again convicted an innocent man which forced the judicial system to overturn the convictions as soon as the jury was dissmissed. Pilate could not wash her hands of it and the U.S. had been legally cornered by the Messiah and could not escape. The Messiah is great at all things, winning is what he does best.

    As far as Cannabis, don't drive or work with heavy equipment under the influence of it. I am for legalizing all drugs and free distribution of them, regulating the quality and educating about them through scientists and doctors. The pesticides used by growers, chemicals added by middlemen and and dangers of distribution would no longer be a factor. Would you rather subject your health to a man trying to make a profit or one that is trying his best to produce a consistent regulated product? A huge amount of people think Cannibus is the best medicine available and it could be much better if they knew what they were getting and it was safe. Does it have to be taken through smoking it, or can it be ingested at a more concentrated level? Take the pill form and you wont choak or smell like smoke. Maybe that is how God intended for us to use the plant. I have seen enough of how the drinkers and politicians fight the war on drugs, terror, crime, domestic violence and all the other wars the leaders and systems of this world are creating.

  • moshe

    Did the survivors of the Holocaust say "You won, G-d" or "what took you so long?" or " G-d does not exist" ,when they left the concentration camps? Based on what I see, Jehovah does not care what the WTS does,says or doesn't do. Any credit for changing the world for the better goes to the humans who do the work.



  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    I agree....God had left the WT and doesn't bring them any light or understanding.

  • Jake99

    The only win for Jehovah is when you recognize, accept and stand behind the now living Christ in the flesh. Its a battle with Satan and the Anti Christ VS the Messiah.

    When a man tells you he is the Christ would you be smart enough to hear what he has to say? Would you slam the door in this man as is often done to JW's. He would have to be amazing according to what the religious books claim he is. That would not take long to prove based on facts and witnesses. You need the faith to listen to and investigate such a man.

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