True religion???

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  • Cindyrenee

    Is there a true religion? Is there a religion that really puts God first, that really cares about its followers, that really adheres to Bible principles? I just need to know. I have no hope anymore. I thought for twenty years I had found "the truth". Is ianything real? Is there a truth? Has anybody found it?

  • Think

    John 1: 1 God IS TRUTH.

    John 3:16

    True Believer worship in Spirit and Truth.

  • Highlander

    This goes against the grain of the atypical JW, but I think that there are good people among all religions.

    I now believe that if there is a god, and a judgement day, we will all be judged on how we have lived our lives, not based on belonging to a book club, cult or religious affiliation.

    So.. NO,, I don't believe in one true religion.

  • MerryMagdalene

    Hi Cindy. I just finished reading the booklet "Where is the Body of Christ? My Search for True Christians" by Tom Cabeen (former JW and member of WT headquarters staff). I think you might find it helpful. You can get it in a free info packet from BRCI (1-800-WHY-1914).

    As the intro states: The material in this publication was prepared specifically to assist former Jehovah's Witnesses who, although they feel an earnest need for Christian associates, are uncomfortable with certain teachings and practices often found in organized churches to the extent that they feel they cannot seek Christian fellowship in such a context. It compares ideas and practices presented by the Watchtower Society as marks of true religion in the light of historical and biblical evidence about the makeup and activities of the original apostolic Christian congregation. Its aim is not to imply that true believers must join an organized church to please God, but rather to present a wider range of options for conscientious believers, based on how some of these issues were handled by the apostles and other early Christians, and to help unify believers who decide on different courses of action.


  • Think

    In 1 century, did Jesus accepted existing Religions ? NO

    Did He CREATED New Religion ? NO

    So, what IS a true Religion? God know. Pray to him. He will guide you.

  • Cindyrenee

    Thank you all. I will definately call for the packet that MaryMagdalene gave me the number for. I am so tired of the fear factor, do this, don't do that, or you will be destroyed. My thoughts were never "What is in it for m?" I never wanted anything more than to live my way in such a way as to bring praise to my God, to help others, and to be a good person. There are so many doctrines that I believe, but I do not stt the "love" that shoud be there. Thank you all for your hlep in this. Cindy

  • Think

    Truth IS VERY REAL. According to dictionary, in Christian Science, the word used to refer to God.

    Something that correspond to fact or reality. For example: We are living on Planet Earth. Everyday we see same beautiful blue sky, and the Sun, and we are SURE that this will happen everyday, thru ETERNITY.

    You posted your message. You get some answers. THAT IS A FACT, REALITY, TRUTH.

    And we can start from here............ hold on, you are not alone. We are here to listen to you, and we love you . Pour you heart... is good for the soul.

  • Think

    The Truth: 1 John 4:7,8 " Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.

    He that loveth not knoweth not God;

    for GOD IS LOVE "

    1 John 4:7,8

    Hold on to God and to the Love. We know your Heart is full of love. Just nourish tha love in your Heart. Love for God and your fellow man.

    We are with you.

  • Cindyrenee

    Dear Think

    I have felt so alone for such a long time. Afraid to think or say anything negatrive or express disagreement in any way. My hand has been forced, and I am now doing some very deep soul searching. I really am a good person, and I really care about others. I am just so sad. I have seen so much hypocrisy and I'm confused. I know that I probably sound like a baby, but I really don't know what is true anymore.

  • Think

    Dear cindyrenee,

    My heart is with you. God is with you. We know that you want to do what is right in God's eyes, and that you care for others. That is very nobel thing. You suffered so much for 20 years, I know the feelings.

    You did the right thing, you are normal human being searching for love and meaning.

    Trust in God, he will guide you.

    Welcome to the Forum, I believe that human race is one big Family, and we are here to love and support each other, not to judge. Even Jesus Christ said, that he come not to judge, but to bring salvation, to give everlasting life to those who accept him as THE SON OF GOD.

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