You might be an Islmamist if......

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  • Shining One
    Shining One

    >Imagine a bunch of bible fundies ruling an authoritarian 'christianist' state.

    Oh, you mean people who live by the teachings of Christ: Love God with your whole heart and mind, love your neighbor as yourself? Those renegades are real dangerous!!! LOL
    America is the most 'Christianist' country and this nation has the most freedom that any government as ever allowed. Hmmm, go figure!

  • Robdar

    I am also intolerant and hateful of the Watchtower Society. Cult equals cult equals cult. If it quacks it's a duck.

    Well, okay, Shining One. Hate whomever you want. But what's the point of this thread? If youare trying to get me to join in your hatred and intolerance, it isn't going to happen.

  • Severus

    Judaism started with Abraham: a kooky fellow who moved out of the city to live in tents and chat with God.

    Judaism became: A racist military genocide machine that obliterated and enslaved the natives of the "promised land".

    Christianity started with Jesus: a non-confirming pacifist communist who was martyred by militant Jews.

    Christainity became: A vehicle for conquest by the Roman, Medieval, British, and American governments.

    Islam started with Muhammed: a warlord who converted the Middle East by the sword.

    Islam became: um, ditto

  • Shining One
  • katiekitten

    I agree with Little Toe that the Karma Sutra is a holy book.

    Anyone wanna worship with me?

    (I also think I know as many moslems that are about as dedicated to their religion as C of E's are to having a nice cup of tea and a chat. These people just want to get on with their lives, eat sleep, work and watch telly. I see no reason vilify them as evil, any more than I see a reason to hate all nominal catholics because a few Opus Dei wear celice and whip themselves)

  • Shining One
    Shining One

    Hi Rob,
    Don't try to refute a true statement by labeling it with the political correctness of 'intolerance'. Is it intolerant to view 'Emperor worship' that was practiced in Japan up till the end of WW2 as a cult? They had suicide bombers as well! Was evil at the basis of Nazism and is it also the basis for anti-Semitism? Is it 'intolerant' to call something or some practice 'evil' by it's very definition? Am I 'intolerant' when I lable the teachings of Jim Jones as evil or cultic? Is it wrong to label the Watchtower as a cult because it causes premature deaths by teaching people to refuse transfusions?
    Moral relativism is itself an example of a genetic fallacy, a suicidal argument. Where are we to acquire moral guidlines when we are not allowed to call obvious evil what it is? The actual teachings are what makes Islam inherently evil and cultic. Even if there are many good teachings in a cult does that make it any less evil in practice? The teachings of Mohammed are a stark contrast to the teachings of Christ.

  • Robdar

    Don't try to refute a true statement by labeling it with the political correctness of 'intolerance'.

    My Dear Shining One, I didn't try to refute a true statement by labeling it "intolerance" You did. You used the pc word intolerant/intolerance: Here is what you said:

    I am also intolerant and hateful of the Watchtower Society. Cult equals cult equals cult. If it quacks it's a duck.

    Okay, gotta go. Bye.

  • greendawn

    It's not right to put Christianity on par with Islam, I mean the two ideologies and not what their adherants do, because Christianity is by its very nature peaceful and meek spirited something Islam is not.

    Where ever does the Koran say love your enemies and pray for those persecuting you?

  • Robdar

    Where ever does the Koran say love your enemies and pray for those persecuting you?

    Well, it doesn't say love your enemies but it does say this:

    60:8 As for such [of the unbelievers] as do not fight against you on account of [your] faith, and neither drive you forth from your homelands, God does not forbid you to show them kindness and to behave towards them with full equity: true true true true &-op=cn&Topics#">[9] for, verily, God loves those who act


    2:177 True piety does not consist in turning your faces towards the east or the west true true true true #">[143] - but truly pious is he who believes in God, and the Last Day; and the angels, and revelation, true true true true #">[144] and the prophets; and spends his substance - however much he himself may cherish - it - upon his near of kin, and the orphans, and the needy, and the wayfarer, true true true true #">[145] and the beggars, and for the freeing of human beings from bondage; true true true true #">[146] and is constant in prayer, and renders the purifying dues; and [truly pious are] they who keep their promises whenever they promise, and are patient in misfortune and hardship and in time of peril: it is they that have proved themselves true, and it is they, they who are conscious of God.

    I like these too:

    2:195 And spend [freely] in God's cause, and let not your own hands throw you into destruction; true true true true #">[173] and persevere in doing good: behold, God loves the doers of good.

    3:31 Say [O Prophet]: "If you love God, follow me, [and] God will love you and forgive you your sins; for God is much-forgiving, a dispenser of grace."

    5:93 Those who have attained to faith and do righteous deeds incur no sin by partaking of whatever they may, true true true true #">[108] so long as they are conscious of God and [truly] believe and do righteous deeds, and continue to be conscious of God and to believe, and grow ever more true true true true #">[109] conscious of God, and persevere in doing good: for God loves the doers of good.

    Here's an interesting passage:

    5:82 Thou wilt surely find that, of all people, the most hostile to those who believe [in this divine writ] are the Jews as well as those who are bent on ascribing divinity to aught beside God; and thou wilt surely find that, of all people, true true true true #">[96] they who say, "Behold, we are Christians," come closest to feeling affection for those who believe [in this divine writ]: this is so because there are priests and monks among them, and because these are not given to arrogance. true true true true #">[97]

    Sure, parts of the Quran are scarey. But parts of it are lovely too. Same as the Bible.

    I got the above from this link:

  • Shining One
    Shining One

    >Same as the Bible.

    Don't try to get away with that generalization. The teachings of Islam ARE about human inflicting violence upon one another in order to bring about conversion. Isn't it odd that they have to threaten violence to their own people in order to keep them from becoming (openly) Christian? Christ nowhere advocated human beings resorting to violence. Muhammed practiced violence and conversion by force. His followers fought each other after he died to become the next 'Great Prophet'. The worst offense of the apostles was to argue over 'who was the greatest' in God's kingdom. The comparison is NOT there.

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