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  • kittyeatzjdubs

    I've lately become addicted to amazon.com. Especially when I found out that you can buy used books as low as $2 to a penny. Anyway...so I was surfing around and I thought, ''I wonder if they have any instruments...'' And they do. So I clicked on Flutes and WHOA! The prices were out there! Being disappointed, I was about to give up, then I thought, ''Oh! Maybe they have some used ones!'' So I click on used....aaaand.....

    ...I got a Gemeinhardt silver plated flute that lists for $729.00...for $120!!!!!!!! I am soooooooooo happy right now I could spit!!!

    See...when I was in the 6th grade, my mom got me to join the band because I love music so much and we already had a flute that had belonged to my sister. So I took band all the way up to 10th grade. When my mom found out that I had a boyfriend (more like a crush) that was in the band, she immediately pulled me out. Well at least I still had my flute, right? WRONG! When she noticed that I was spending more time on my flute then I was on studying for the meetings and reading the literature, she took it away from me and sold it so that I would focus on Jehoover more.

    I never forgave her for that...

    But it's okay now because I won! I got the last word and I got my flute back!!!!

    luv, jojo of the never give up on your dreams class

  • tall penguin
    tall penguin

    You go girl!!! I can only imagine how excited you must feel to reclaim your dream. Congrats!
    tall penguin

  • Cellist

    Wow, good deal. It's great that you've stuck with your dream. Hope it brings you many hours of happiness.


  • AlmostAtheist

    Congrats! What a great present to get for yourself!



  • greendawn

    It's always refreshing to get something of good quality that is also cheap and cheerful. And especially when it beats down the bad memories associated with the first flute.

  • kittyeatzjdubs

    thanks guys...

    i'll get you all front row seats to my first show when i join a famous orchestra.

    luv, jojo

  • Honesty

    That's a beautiful instrument you have.

    Will you play a song for us?

    P.S. No Kingdom Melodies, please.

  • Trojan
    I've lately become addicted to amazon.com. Especially when ;I found out that you can buy used books as low as $2 to a penny.

    kittyeatzjdubs: your my girl! Me too!!!!! I'm totally addicted to the "used stuff" of Amazon. I'm an book lover and have ordered sooo many used books over the time.....it's still my favorite website on the planet (well this one JWD is becoming very addictive, too).

    I have bought new novels, history books, etc. for 0.03 cents (well shipping costs more than the actual item)

    Congratulations to your gift. You deserve that joy. Wish you the best with your new flute (looks like a beautifull piece of art to me)


  • unique1

    EXCELLENT!! It will be hard at first because you haven't played in a while. I got really frustrated with myself when I tried to play my trombone again because all the excellent lip control I had was gone. Just stick with it. It will come back with practice.

  • ferret

    Follow your dream kiddo!

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