Battlestar Galactica

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  • acadian

    Great show, didn't think i'd like it, because i did'nt like the first show, but i like the storyline of this one, the twists and turns, it keeps you on the edge of your seat.


  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh

    Never seen the new ones. I remember the original from when I was a kid. You'r posts here are certainly sparking my interest though.

  • Dune

    I love battlestar, I used to watch it religiously until the beginning of the second season, currently i'm downloading the episodes i've missed so i can catch up to the third season.

  • Legolas
    third season.

    The second season only started for us here back in January!


    Awesome show. I like all the subtle religious elements in it.. in contrast to the original which smacked of mormonism, though I never noticed watching it at the age of 10, this one seems to have taken a sort of fundamentalist christian outlook especially with the cylons and the whole 1 true god as oppossed to the gods of the colonials. I am so curious to see what happens to sharons baby... though I sense a season 2 cliffhanger with this plotline.

  • the_leander

    Battlestar Galactica may only be at season 2 for the UK, but the US has just started its season 3.

    Bittorrent is your friend.

  • No Apologies
    No Apologies
    Battlestar Galactica may only be at season 2 for the UK, but the US has just started its season 3.

    Uh, not to sound picky but its still season 2. The Sci-fi channel runs their series goofy, they run the first half in the summer, then take a break when the big networks roll out the fall premieres, then restart the season in January. Season 3 starts filming shortly, Lucy Lawless will be back for a 10-episode arc.

    Regardless, best show on tv right now.

    For those of you avoiding it because of memories of the original(pleasant or otherwise), just pretend you have never heard of it before, you will not be disappointed. Although I have yet to see a daggit on the new show.

    No Apologies(of the wants-his-own-Viper class)

  • geevee

    I love this show, and would like a Number 6 to do the vacuuming at home, it would make life much easier for my wife...............
    I download torrents and watch the latest episodes each week.....great. I thought it was a bit weak to start off with, but it has gained a lot of strength as time rolls on and now I am hooked. It sure beats going to meetings!!!!
    Tricia Helfer is No: 1

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