Battlestar Galactica

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  • Willow Tree
    Willow Tree

    Does anybody here watch this?

    I missed the first season, I saw the movie Sky One showed before the second season started, and now I'm hooked. I bought the DVD's, both mini-series/movie and Season One from Amazon while they were on sale.

    I dont think that theres been anything this powerful on TV in a long time. It even rivals Star Wars. Its interesting how they tie in religions and mythology, and our planet is a myth in their beliefs. Would they really like what they find when they got here?

    I havent watched all the DVD's yet but I really like how they gave Number 6 religion, whether this is part of the act or whether she believes it I dont know, but they raise important points. Are the Cylons really a new race of beings to replace the humans as they claim? The Cylons only kill humans, its humans who kill, rape, lie, steal, all against their own kind. It makes you wonder if its really for the best of all lifekind that humans are being wiped out. The only connection you have with the humans is that we are humans and we dont want our kind to be wiped out.

    Are the Cylons really pure evil? Yes, genocide is wrong. They had the opportunity to co-exist, but they chose to wipe out humans. But they were afraid of humans turning on them in the future, which is probably why they attacked first. They were originally created as slaves for humans. The machines had sentience, and just like human slaves, they were not happy and decided to do something about it. Slaves can and do turn on their masters to achieve it. I think this is in parallel to what happened with the first humans on earth. We were created as slaves, and we turned on our masters (gods) because we wanted freedom.

    Maybe I am going to deep into this, but when I watch TV, the program I am watching becomes real to me, and I tend to forget its not real.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Ihave really resisted getting into this seris because I was so fond of the original.

  • blondie

    I think it is noteworthy that the Cylons are trying very hard to be like humans although they were once their slaves. I enjoy it immensely. Taped last week's and will watch it tonight.


  • Legolas

    I love it!

    It is 'Fracking' good!

  • daystar

    Naw, I have too many others I'm watching. (I used to watch the original though.) But a funny story... We were watching the SuperBowl and when the hall of famers were all coming out, they announced Roger Staubach. My sister, from in the kitchen, comments "Wasn't that the guy in Battlestar Galactica?"

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I've tried very hard to watch this series but my kids have a habit of interrupting it and as a result, I've missed every show this season. Can someone give me a brief overview? Is the President still dying?

  • Terry

    This is one of my top three favorite shows!

    I resisted watching it for a long long time because the original series stunk on ice.

    Finally my daughter made me sit down and watch the DVD of the mini-series opening episodes.

    I was hooked!

    The scripts are intelligently conceived and avoid the things I hate most about sci-fi.

    1.No aliens! I'm sick to death of pointy ears, wrinkled foreheads and furry brows!

    2.No whizz, bang, zoom just for the sake of eye candy. The struggles which take place between the antagonists on BSG stem from a solid and logical foundation of survival of a species on the brink of extinction. (This series has the most realistic method of portraying objects in space I've yet seen. George Lucas' technological perfection is numbing by comparison.)

    3.No false crisis! (The ebb and flow of dramatic content here is seamless and flawless. The characters grow and change. They are never static.)

    4.No phoney futurism! (This ship Galactica is the most analog piece of rigging you find outside a junkyard. It seems very real as a result.)

    I strongly suggest you only begin watching this if you can go out and rent the DVD versions. It is too painful to sit through commercials and wait one week between episodes.



  • doinmypart

    This is one of the best shows on tv and the 2nd season only gets better.

    Dr. Baltar gets a little darker, but still has some great scenes where he talks to Six yet appears crazy to everyone else. They introduce a few more cylon models, hopefully we'll see more of them in future. This is a great space drama.

    My only complaint is sometimes the spiritual theme gets overdone. Maybe I'm just overly sensitive after dealing with the WTS.

  • IP_SEC
    spiritual theme gets overdone.

    Funny, I wish they would broaden it out some more. I havent seen the last 3 'sodes though so I might have missed something.

  • Midget-Sasquatch

    This incarnation of BSG is much better than the original. What I thought really stunk were the old tv episodes of BSG where they actually reached Earth. Since I was a child I only remember bits and pieces of them vaguely but none of it fondly.

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