Physically Abused by JW

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  • Odrade

    Stewart75 said: "Again, God is not blind, he will not let those who did these get off scot free, if they did but their conscious wont be free and they would have to look over their shoulders unless that person admits and doesnt repeat anymore. " Stewart, using your reasoning, the Watchtower Society and Jehovah's Witnesses will be held accountable for all of these experiences and cover-ups. Do you really want to be standing there with them when he brings his hammer of judgment down on them?

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Stewart, you need to go to and read the personal experiences there of those who were abused, beaten, molested and raped by JW's. You've got a LOT of homework to do before you make a judgment call. Many of them HAVE gotten away with it and continue to do so, which is why there IS a silent lambs website and the movement to change the WTS guidelines on this issue.


  • deeskis

    In my cong when I was a teenager there was a young boy aged around 3. He was being badly beaten, coming to the meetings covered in bruises. The elders were aware, they had spoken to the mother but didn't want to do more as to get child services involved would be tantamount to sentencing him to death!, at least if he was in the truth he had a hope for the future

    in the end he was taken by child services and fostered by "unbelievers", wonder where he is now. Hope his life was good.

    anyway for more reading look at

    best wishes D

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Just to clarify my comment about liars inside and out:

    A victim has nothing to gain by lying. In fact most victims have lost so much already, including their innocence, their family and in the case of JWs any hint of someone to protect them.

    The abuser on the other hand has lots to gain by lying. They get support at the expence of their victims, and free reign to continue to abuse their victims..

  • onesong

    A victim has nothing to gain by lying

    I would agree in most cases but in the Berry case the victims are sueing the WTBS for millions. (Not that I'm at all against that.)

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    With all due respect onesong, you seem to have a somewhat dubious outlook on abuse victims.

    I would wager that victims of Berry would gladly and cheerfully trade the experience of suing the Society for the right to an abuse-free past.

  • Odrade

    onesong, just because the Berry girls loved their daddy and spoke of him lovingly, does not mean they are making up the abuse after the fact.
    I knew a man who was convicted for child rape, he was raping his daughters (one step, one bio.) They went to the police, had evidence, etc, etc. Yet prior to the molestation being revealed everyone would have commented on how much the bio daughter loved her daddy and what a great daddy he was...
    You never know what happens behind closed doors, your community observation notwithstanding. The abovementioned pedophile? He was my neighbor, in the same congregation as I, I was close friends with his kids, spent nearly as much awake time at their house as at my own. Yet I had no clue this was going on. Would have sworn they were a normal, happy, and close family. Well, I got the "close" right, I guess. >:(

  • onesong

    I'm sure they probably would Big Tex. Please understand I am not trying to be in any way unsympathetic to abuse victims ( I'm a victim of physical abuse myself)

    I'm simply trying to point out the fact that there could be motivations for people to make false allegations.(money, hatred of the Borg, ect.)

  • onesong

    Thanks for your imput Odrade.

    I don't know how else to say it but I know that it is entirely possible that they were being abused. I'm not denying that or defending Berry. I don't even want to imply that the girls were lying.

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    The TRUTH will set you FREE.

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