Physically Abused by JW

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  • Stewart75

    I have just read a post by THINK, saying he was physcially abused by JW many times,

    I am sorry if this has ever happened.. Is it true or was THINK just exaggerating since I have read many put down posts from THINK about JW.. Is THINK trying to extract revenge to them? or just one bitter person who has been thru many terrible times with in the JW organisation? or just speaking aloud to form a bigger anti JW group?

    I find that hard to believe after visiting few congregations and forming friendships with JW, even thou I am not a JW, I got to respect those JW as one of the nicest people I have met, I believe most of them are trying to serve Jehovah even in ways man would view as incorrectly but at least God/Jehovah looks at those by their heart.. God is not stupid nor is blind to earthly acts we do.. They didnt really pressure me to join them but encouraged and we always ready to answer my questions. I can believe that most JW with their best intentions to please Jehovah. Of course there are many who have stumbled but no one is perfect except the Father and the son, Jesus..

    I am believe there are many catholics, Muslims, Jewish who had been physically abused and God is not Blind to those actions. This is the first time I have heard one claims that one has been physically abused by JW.. It was from THINK- maybe there are others but havent seen or heard yet.

    There is no one perfect religion organisation but there is one oganisation who teachs and abide by Gods laws more correctly (in Gods view- he will reveal it one day ) than other organisations.

    If there are any other similar abuse incidents.. I would be open to hear them. honestly only please.

  • Chimene

    Unfortunately, you have alot of reading to do. So sorry you are fooled like the rest of us once were. Read the threads through here. Start off with my last if you like "I have to get this off my chest!!!!"

    Several different BAD incidents

    and there are many, many, many more by others here

  • blondie

    I personally know 10 women who were physically abused by their JW husbands and were told to stay with them. I know of 2 women whose JW husbands held guns to their head, one escaping death because the gun jammed and the other because her kids called the police. Both of them were told to stay with their JW husbands.

    I can remember the quiet sister who came with bruises all over her arms; and no one would believe her husband did it until the police was called to the house after he beat the crap out of her in front of the neighbors.

    I grew up in a sexually abusive home, where my JW abused all 5 of us.

    Then there is this little JW girl from Chicago.

    Or the Berry sisters

    The church never reported Poisson's former husband, Paul Berry, to state officials. A school teacher did, after noticing one child's injuries, and Berry is serving 56 to 112 years in state prison for physical and sexual abuse. The church publicly supported Berry during his trial. Poission said she was kicked out of the church for cooperating with investigators.


  • stevenyc

    Hi Stewart, welcome to JDW.

    Yes, it is a shame that organisations that encourage trust are a abused by those that wish to abuse. The watchtower society is no exception. As a preteen, I was abused by a member of the Jehovah's Witnesses. My gripe against the organisation isn't with the guy who abused me, its with their policy of hiding the reality. He was a known, and repeat offender in our congregation, but it was kept 'under the radar'. So he carried on, with me as his victim, and God knows how many others.


  • carla

    Physical and sexual abuse stories are abundant here and at other boards as well. See for the pedophile problem rampant within the jw's. Just because someone 'appears' nice, means nothing. If you are just visiting halls, you are being love bombed anyway. Besides, everyone thought Ted Bundy was a nice guy. Same with Gacey, and he was 'so good with children!" too bad he ended up killing them and burying them in his basement.

    There are far too many stories all around the world from ex jw's to just dismiss this as someone being 'bitter' and 'angry' because they cannot live up to the so called 'high standards' of jw land. It is an evil cult.

  • Stewart75


    You are quite right about one thing, I have lots of reading to do, there are about 5100 threads here and I would appreciate which to start with if you know of one.

    Blondie, I am saddened and sorry to hear about your past incidents, I am SURE jehovah/God doesnt tolerate these actions, because I am sure that God's Love is much (if ever measured) is much much more than of the Love the mother has for his child. You deserve better indeed! God wont ignore you, and he will Love and give you the spirit of strength, wisdom and Love to help you everyday.

    Again, God is not blind, he will not let those who did these get off scot free, if they did but their conscious wont be free and they would have to look over their shoulders unless that person admits and doesnt repeat anymore.

  • Stewart75


    Thanks for welcoming me on JWD,

    It is disgraceful in how the offender - kept under the radar" continued to carry on, and you said God knows how many.. So why not for the sake of other potential victims.. why not you report it to one of the elders, if you can find one you can trust.. even thou if we are non or ex JW ( i am aware there are some elders many claim to be distrusting.. but I am sure there are some honest elders.. )

    Everyone deserves in every race to be brought up healthy without any abuse.. whether they are non JW or JW

  • blondie

    My father was freed by the eldersto molest other children; he would laugh how had fooled the elders. Despite the official directive to report JW molesters to the police no matter what, they still won't if there is only one eye witness or they put the onus on the parents although the secular laws say they are responsible.

    This is a problem that I have seem in 10 congregations in 4 states. My own husband who is now an ex-elder (his choice because of the WTS abuse policy), could tell you more. It is not enough to wait for God do something; many times he does something through people like us.

    Most people don't understand child abusers, and that 5 hours at a KH cannot stop their urges.

    Child abusers like organizations like the WTS, because they can manipulate and hide their crimes.

    Blondie (I'm fine now but my siblings still have deep emotional wounds)

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    First welcome to the forum. For a condenced version of the forum you might want to try Best of section of the board. On the first page (there are only 3 pages of the best of series) you will find a link to WTS and Sexual Abuse of Children but it also contains stories of spousal abuse and physical abuse of children.

    Like any other religion the JWs have some wonderful people who really try to live good lives. But sadly some of the harsher policies the WTS doles out provides lots of room for people who use whatever power they have and the Bible to abuse those who are weaker than them. And worse still the WTS instructs the elders to cover up the abuse if at all possible and make sure no one finds out.

    I was sexually abused as a JW kid and when it was found out I was sent into a foster home. When I finally went back to live with my mother (when I was 16) she beat me and all my siblings. I had my last beating when I was 17 years old. Beating children is encouraged by the WTS/JW elders to teach children a lesson.

    Then I was married to an elder who sexually and emotionally beat me and beat, punched and kicked our 2 daughters all the time waving a Bible yelling for us to obey him. When I finally had the courage to tell the elders I was thrown out and his reputation was wiped clean.

    My story is not unusal. I have had 2 members of my family commit suicide due to WTS covering up abuse. I seriously considered suicide as my only way out. Fortunately I found a way to get out.In the last 3 months we have heard about 3 people either on this board or related to some on ehere that has committed suicide.

    I'm sure the JWs you know are very nice. They are taught to be especially nice if there is any hope of converting you to the cause. Few people realize how controlling the WTS is to its followers. You might want to look at this thread WTS and How it Controls People

    Read, Learn and realize there is a whole side to JWs that most people never know. We are not just a few random cases. The WTS has a list of over 23,000 sexual abusers within the congregations and I believe that is the US, Canada and perhaps the UK.

    Looks great on the outside but there is so much more that few people know

  • stevenyc


    why not you report it to one of the elders

    they already know. so what's the point.


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