Iran paper plans Holocaust cartoons

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  • joelbear

    the end is near

  • justsomedude
    the end is near

    Shoot, I think you're right. Im going back to the hall right now.

  • stillajwexelder

    see an old post of mine I have just BTTT - all about humor and religion - though applied to the WTBTS

  • FairMind
    the end is near

    This is very serious. Its imams and the rhetoric of political leaders are inflaming the Islamic world to the point where a major confrontation with the non-Islamic nations is a certainty. The longer this confrontation is delayed the more serious the consequences to us will be. Understand this, there can be no compromise.

  • truth_about_the_truth

    As you can imagine, this will ignite the passions of Jews
    and non-Jews worldwide. Remember the flak when, back
    on December 12, the Iranian President stated that the
    Holocaust was a myth? See

    This is a serious development. We have not seen
    the end of this planned debacle.

    For all those folks that think this is all just childish garbage and no big deal....that's a valid opinion but.....remember, it doesn't matter how YOU view the matter, it's how THEY view the matter.

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