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  • Shazard

    Good thing is that JW in our country are not so well organized and so strong, so they don't have much qualified resources to follow each of their members. This guy was just seeking for God and have tried in meny places, the last one JW, and he admitted that they make him to feel guilty and somewhat depressed. Later he started this "fading" stuff, and then he stumped on me (or me on him) in one chat and word by word I introduced default Christian view on Jesus Christ. Seems that this did it. I promissed support!
    Thanks to you people, coz knowing that people are getting out of borg helps me to believe that God through me can reach them too in my country! Borg sucked in my own brother, atleast I got payback getting one man out of borg. But ofcourse I am looking forward for my brother!

  • mouthy

    Thats what I call GOOD NEWS!!! Well done

  • AuldSoul
  • scout575

    Shazard: Whilst I'm no longer a JW ( and would never go back ) I have to say that your view of JWs is distorted to say the least. As a JW I ( and all other JWs ) had total faith in Christ and in the redeeming power of his sacrifice. The life of a JW who is a true believer in the Bible is a very happy one, as mine was. The view presented by many people on this site that the JW religion is some kind of nightmare cult is simply wrong. It is a sincere group of genuine Christians who love God, Christ and their fellowman. The idea that they need to be rescued to 'true Christianity' is misplaced.

    The reason that I left JWs is that I gradually came to realize that the Bible is the work of man rather than God. A quick look at the many chat forums for ex-born again Christians shows how countless born again Christians are coming to the same conclusion as I did regarding the man-made nature of the Bible, and turning their backs on Christianity. Maybe you'd benefit by checking these websites for yourself?

  • tetrapod.sapien

    cool shazard. good for you man. it's a very nice change that anti-witnessing is way funner than regular witnessing.

    i have helped two people out personally. but i am an atheist, and didn't use god. however, i would find it highly amusing if God were using me... ;)

    cheers mate,


  • tetrapod.sapien


    - totally man. i agree.


  • Honesty
    The view presented by many people on this site that the JW religion is some kind of nightmare cult is simply wrong. Scout575

    Can you disprove the following statements about the Jehovah's Witnesses?

    Since Jehovah's Witnesses put their faith in the Watchtower Society they are following something other than Jesus.

    The Watchtower Society encourages its followers to put faith in the organisation.

    March 1, 1979 Watchtower Bound Volume.


    *** w79 3/1 18 Faith in Jehovah's Victorious Organization ***
    23 What, then, should be our position today? Is there any cause for us to lose faith in Jehovah's visible organization because of mounting difficulties in this world? Those who believe that Jehovah will never desert his faithful witnesses answer, "Absolutely not!" In demonstration of such faith, we will keep on sticking to it and working with it without slacking the hand. Our unwavering faith will be rewarded with victory and the crown of life!

  • scout575

    Honesty: Its true the JWs have faith in the 'organization' ( which I did when I was a Witness ) but only in the sense of believing that it is the channel that god is using to help people understand the Bible. Any first century Christian would have had a similar faith in the first century organization, with its governing body in Jerusalem ( Acts 15 ). Of course, no Christian back then, and no JW today looks to that organization for salvation. Would a first century Christian have believed that he or she could turn their back on the first century Christian congregation and still have God's approval?

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