Can a cartoon trigger WW3?

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  • desbah

    WOW!! now I see why this cartoon is really in bad taste. I downloaded all them just in case that site was disconnected. I'm just wondering if this picture will be censored.


  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    Can a cartoon trigger WW3? Stupid actions out of the ignorant and dangerous are normal. However, I smell a "change" in the air. What about you?

  • blondie
  • truth_about_the_truth
    However, I smell a "change" in the air. What about you?


    Take a look at the headlines of the past few days.

    - The Mohammed cartoons

    - Retaliatory cartoons being planned by arabs directed at the jews regarding the holocaust

    - The rioting in the LA prisons between latino and black inmates

    - 9 black churches burned down in the south

    Going back a little further:

    - The arab rioting in France

    Can you see the common thread? The fires of racism are being fanned.

    It will be harder and harder not to paint racial groups with a broad brush with the things that are happening and are about to occur. It is up to each of us not to fall into this trap.

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