Can a cartoon trigger WW3?

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  • truth_about_the_truth

    Can a Cartoon Trigger WW3?

    Do not underestimate the latest furor over the 'hostile' Mohammad cartoon published in European newspapers recently.

    In case you've been out of contact, newspapers in Denmark, Norway, France and Germany have published a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad wearing a turban in the shape of a bomb with a burning fuse. The cartoon is offensive to Muslims the world over since the Prophet may not be displayed in public places, let alone caricaturized. Here is further background.

    Keep in mind that Albert Pike's letter of 1871 (whether real or imagined), predicted 3 world wars. The Third World War, according to Pike, must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. If this is to occur as predicted, surely the animosity between Muslims and the non-Arab world must be stepped up a notch to trigger a reason for attack on a predominantly Muslim nation - perhaps Iran or Syria?

    What intrigues me about this incident is that the warmongers must have all their plans in place to launch a strike, and are now simply looking for an excuse to do so. What better way to ignite a fuse than to strike a blow where it hurts the most.

    In case you believe a newspaper 'accidentally' published the cartoon, without realizing the impact it would have, bear in mind that Merete Eldrup, Managing Director of JP/Politikens Hus A/S (the company that published the cartoons in Denmark) is married to Anders Eldrup, who has attended the last FIVE Bilderberg meetings (as reported by Tony Gosling, the UK Bilderberger Reporter).

    Merete is a former Head of Secretariat at the Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs and Deputy Director of the Danish Energy Authority.

    Anders is chairman of DONG, the State-owned energy company ('Danish Oil and Natural Gas'), which will soon be privatized.

    People in positions of power like this, and privy to the schemings of the secretive Bilderberg Group, do not make mistakes.

    Remember that history books record the start of WW1 as being triggered when Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated by a Serbian student. Many historians consider this to be the spark that started WW1.

    Could it be that history books will record the publishing of the Mohammad cartoons as being the spark to ignite WW3? Four people have already been killed in skirmishes.

    We will have to watch this situation carefully. If it blows over, it means the planted spark is premature and the warmongers are in fact not yet ready. But if violence escalates this will conform that the cartoon is intended to fan the flames of war, and that all the required players are in position and awaiting their cues.

  • jstalin

    LOL... he said DONG.

    Seriously though, WWI and WWII were wars between pretty well matched opponents. The western world fighting a war against the Islamic states of the world would be a joke.

  • IP_SEC
    LOL... he said DONG.

    Dammit you beat me to stalin.

  • LDH
    People in positions of power like this, and privy to the schemings of the secretive Bilderberg Group, do not make mistakes.


  • greendawn

    Nope I don't think the moslems have what it takes to declare an all out war against the west and most moslem governments realise that it would be disastrous if they did. It's just the blind masses and islamic governments as in Iran that are playing it tough. They do produce a lot of children and increase fast but they don't have the military technology.

  • Elsewhere

    That "letter" is obviously fake. It contains far too much information about the conflict between the Arab world and the rest of the world. There is no way anyone could have predicted such details.

  • Gerard

    Here are hundreds of Muhamed paintings and cartoons. Why this BS now?

  • Gerard

    The television cartoon South Park aired an episode on July 4, 2001 called Super Best Friends. In it, the founders of the world's great religions -- including Mohammed -- team up for super-hero action. Mohammed (seen here) is depicted repeatedly throughout the show. The entire episode can be viewed online here.

    The caption to this cartoon by Steph Bergol says, in French:

    Mohammed (being carried away by devils): "It is a judicial error! I am Mohammed, the prophet!"

    St. Peter (with a scimitar through his chest): "Definitely: GUILTY!"

    (Several other cartoons by Bergol on a similar theme can be found here.)

    (Hat tip: thierry.)

    A Dutch Web site called Pret Met Mohammed (loosely translated as "Fun With Mohammed") features a series of politically incorrect cartoons. Three of the Pret Met Mohammed cartoons are presented here; click on the link above for a few more and for English translations of the Dutch word balloons.

    In 2002, political cartoonist Doug Marlette published this drawing of Mohammed driving a truck with a nuclear bomb.

    (Hat tip: Thomas G.)

  • Gerard
    In Tehran, Golamhossein Elham, the Iranian government spokesman, said: "It was an ugly measure. The Islamic republic of Iran is prepared to sacrifice its life for its belief in Islam and the honour of the Holy Prophet." > From Aljazeera

  • Check_Your_Premises

    From Ralph Peters

    The suicide bomber's willingness to discard civilization's cherished rules for warfare gives him enormous strength. In the Cain-and-Abel conflicts of the 21st century, ruthlessness trumps technology. We refuse to comprehend the suicide bomber's soul--even though today's wars are contests of souls, and belief is our enemy's ultimate order of battle. We write off the suicide bomber as a criminal, a wanton butcher, a terrorist. Yet, within his spiritual universe, he's more heroic than the American soldier who throws himself atop a grenade to spare his comrades: He isn't merely protecting other men, but defending his god. The suicide bomber can justify any level of carnage because he's doing his god's will. We agonize over a prisoner's slapped face, while our enemies are lauded as heroes for killing innocent masses (even of fellow believers). We continue to narrow our view of warfare's acceptable parameters even as our enemies amplify the concept of total war. ...

    The hallmark of our age is the failure of belief systems and a subsequent flight back to primitive fundamentalism--and the phenomenon isn't limited to the Middle East. Faith revived is running roughshod over science and civilization. Secular societies appear increasingly fragmented, if not fragile. The angry gods are back. And they will not be defeated with cruise missiles or computer codes.

    A paradox of our time is that the overwhelmingly secular global media--a collection of natural-born religion-haters--have become the crucial accomplices of the suicide bomber fueled by rabid faith. Mass murderers are lionized as freedom fighters, while our own troops are attacked by the press they protect for the least waywardness or error. One begins to wonder if the bomber's suicidal impulse isn't matched by a deep death wish affecting the West's cultural froth. (What if Darwin was right conceptually, but failed to grasp that homo sapiens' most powerful evolutionary strategy is faith?) Both the suicide bomber and the "world intellectual" with his reflexive hatred of America exist in emotional realms that our rational models of analysis cannot explain. The modern age's methods for interpreting humanity are played out.

    We live in a new age of superstition and bloodthirsty gods, of collective madness. Its icons are the suicide bomber, the veil, and the video camera. ...

    We are not (yet) at war with Islam, but the extreme believers within Islam are convinced that they are soldiers in a religious war against us. Despite their rhetoric, they are the crusaders. Even our conceptions of the struggle are asymmetrical. Despite the horrors we have witnessed, we have yet to take religious terrorists seriously on their own self-evident terms. We invaded a succession of their tormented countries, but haven't come close to penetrating their souls. The hermetic universe of the Islamist terrorist is immune to our reality (if not to our bullets), but our intellectuals appear equally incapable of accepting the religious extremist's reality.

    (emphasis mine)

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