Why would any one want to be a JW?

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  • M.J.

    I like the way you break that down, TBTS. In simplified terms, that's really the big draw and it's so apparent when you look at how this very sales pitch is presented the introductory study literature.

    I mean the name of the book "Knowledge that leads to Everlasting Life" even advertises this fact.

    check out some of the chapter names:


    Can Have a Happy Future! (what they want)

    What God Has Done to Save Mankind (how to get it)

    What Happens to Our Dead Loved Ones? [Answer: " It is Jehovah’s purpose to rescue us and our dead loved ones from Adamic death. "] (what they want)

    Resist Wicked Spirit Forces (how to get it)


    Living a Godly Life Brings Happiness (how to get it)

    Whose Authority Should You Recognize? (how to get it)


    Security Among God’s People (how to get it)

    Make It Your Aim to Serve God Forever (how to get it)

    [last two subheadings of the book]: PERFECTION AT LAST! (what they want) WHAT WILL YOU DO? (how to get it)

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