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  • TheListener

    Enjoy the forum Joe. It's nice that you found this place. I'm confident that you'll find supportive friendships. I'm sure you have much to offer everyone here and I look forward to your perspective.

    There is a saying that a friend told me. I'd like to share it with you:

    You're about to step out onto a road of self-discovery. It's a road that can get very lonely. Those who have known you the longest will be the most threatened and upset by your travels. Be strong, be courageous and be true to yourself. As you travel this road you will find others who are searching as well. Befriend them, console them and they will be of a benefit to you. There will be times when you are the only one walking on the road. You will feel the solitude. Take advantage of these times to search within yourself for what you believe, what you feel and how you want the world to know you. Roads like these never end but in time they can become more comfortable.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I agree, you have an amazing story. It's glad to hear that you have the courage to still laugh and have a positive outlook on life considering all that has happened. I wish you the best. Hope to hear more of your stories.

  • freedomlover

    Joe - I think the majority of us can relate to the guilt we feel for how we treated people when we were JW's. Have you thought about writing a letter to this girl that was your friend that died? It would just be for you. Write out everything you feel you needed to ever say to her and then when your ready you can burn the letter and let it go. Just an idea that has worked for me with certain issues.

    Glad your so willing to share your story. You are among like minded people here.


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